Why It Pays Off to Invest In Quality PR ContentWith Google constantly working on upgrading its search algorithm to better understand user queries, more emphasis is put on user satisfaction and quality content.

In September 2013, Google announced Hummingbird, designed to focus largely on addressing and understanding of natural language.

It pays attention to individual words in a query, making sure the entire sentence, meaning or conversation is taken into account, rather than individual words.

Google is seeing advancements in understanding of natural language on a regular basis, and soon we will see the improvement in the understanding of what pages best match users’ intent and how comprehensive a particular page is in addressing their needs.

With this in mind, high quality content will remain critical ranking factor.

Google Quest: Look for Context

As Google puts more focus on evaluating user engagement and content quality on pages it chooses to rank higher in search results, semantic content optimization becomes yet another hot topic in the digital industry.

More and more users opt for a so-called conversational search; for example, if you wanted to get a definition if this term, instead of saying “conversational search definition” you will say “what is conversational search” or something along the lines of that.

Semantic search delivers intuitive results based on users’ intent, taking advantage of contextual clues instead of keywords, all in order to deliver the best matches for your queries.

What is Quality PR Content?

For years we have been listening about content being the king of digital marketing.

Yet, while everyone are putting emphasis on the word quality, not many are aware of what it really encompasses.

Namely, when we say a certain page’s content is relevant for a particular query, it means it meets the needs of a large number of people who land on them.

If they are looking for information on the product or service, it has to be present on the page–and it has to be relatively easy to locate.

The content has to provide visitors with confidence that it is from a reputable source.

And the overall website design has to provide an engaging experience.

Quality PR Content Builds Trust

Customers are getting smarter by the day, and yesterday’s marketing mumbo jumbo might not convince them today.

They easily distinguish the low-quality PR content from content worth reading, appreciate the latter one, slowly building their confidence towards a particular brand.

What customers wish to feel is like they are making an informed decision, thus appreciating content which will tell them if the deal is good, or rather too good to be true.

By producing substantial content, you become a go-to expert to your customers.

They look at you and your business as a ‘friend and informant’ and gladly go back to you whenever in need of a relevant information.

Quality PR Content Targets Emotions

Your potential customers are seeking for some kind of connection to your company; presenting them with valuable PR content will activate their emotions and psychological triggers which drive them to learn more about you and, ultimately, make a purchase.

According to a digital marketing expert, Sam Cyrus from Sydney SEO agency:

Overly-optimized, low quality content is emotionally sterile and does not contribute to building confidence and trust; your customers need to know what kind of change your business will bring to their lives, how it can improve them.

Long-term Investment

When it comes to traditional campaign-based marketing, it focuses on investing resources and measuring subsequent results of a particular campaign.

If it proves successful, it generates high ROI; then you invest more resources, measure the ROI, and so on.

The issue here is that once the campaign ends, so do returns.

With content marketing, you ensure continuous returns by making a long-term investment, that is, by producing quality content.

Every new blog post, white paper, and case study– these are all assets for the future.

Each adds value to the company website.

There are no quick returns, but long-term results which generate safe ones, that is, if you continue producing relevant content.

How to Evaluate the Quality of Your PR Content

Quality PR content is by far the best way to enhance the brand, connect with potential clients and grow revenue.

There is no alternative and no better ROI.

To determine the quality of the PR content you produce, evaluate the following:

  • Is my content unique?
  • Does it meet the needs of target customers?
  • Does the content clearly define how the product/service is used?
  • Is my product/service beneficial for the customer? Do I provide strong evidence of it?
  • Is the language easily understandable?

A simple one to 10 scale will do the trick; once your PR content scores an eight or higher, you can be certain it is ready to go public.

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