As I sit here the night before the biggest presidential election our generations have seen, I reflect on all the media coverage we witnessed this past year…

…Defining patriotism with a flag pin, Edwards being a baby daddy, and Sarah Palin’s daughter as a mom-to-be, and who can forget the infamous, Joe the Plumber.

Yes, policies were covered as well but where would SNL or Late Night TV be without these over-talked, over-played, and over-rated anecdotes?  Flipping through CNN, Fox, and the Rolling Stone this past year made me feel like I was watching a copy of the Mean Girls DVD.

Putting the BS aside I’m not happy it’s over.  I get to be a part of history and you take the good with the bad.  In this case, the gossip with the hope of change.

Get out and vote.  And after you do, share with us your favorite media coverage moments of the 2008 presidential election.