How to Repurpose Your Media InterviewsFor those of you who do earned media—or have done it at some point during your career—you know that not every interview your executives or clients gives sees the light of day.

It’s one of the most frustrating parts of a communicator’s job.

We have no control over that and yet, if our media interviews don’t air/publish/run, it’s somehow our fault.

And no one is immune. Even when you have a fantastic relationship with the journalist, blogger, influencer, podcaster, or vlogger.

Take, for instance, the company that produces your organization’s podcast.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s call them One Stone Creative. And let’s say One Stone, marching to their podcast drum, asks you to be on their soon-to-be-launched podcast.

You willingly accept—after all, these are the podcast experts and it’ll be exciting to see how it all comes together. You might also learn a thing or two for your own podcast.

So you do the interview and you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more. Several months later, said podcast hasn’t been launched and your interview has not seen the light of day.

Never fear, my friends! If your relationship is good and, let’s just say it is because it was with one of the founders of the podcast production company you use, you can repurpose said interview.

And that is what I am going to do today. Megan Dougherty of One Stone Creative and I discuss content creation, the PESO model, and more.

Without further ado…

Content Creation, the PESO Model, and More

What Does 2020 Hold for Facebook Ads?

Because it’s been a minute since this was recorded, I wanted to share some updates from the initial discussion. 

First, Facebook ads. Glorious Facebook ads.

Unfortunately, they are still incredibly effective—more so than any other social media platform, including Google.

At the same time, Mailchimp just released a study that shows, if you expect Facebook to get more cost-effective or if you expect it to work organically at all in 2020, you should realign your expectations. 

Facebook will become a sole paid-for platform, which isn’t surprising. But this means it’s going to cost even more next year than it did this year.

This stresses me out.

I know, to the penny, how much it costs in Facebook ads to close a new client. I anticipate those costs to increase significantly next year.

Which has forced us to look at other conversion methods.

The aforementioned Mailchimp study shows that the average click rate for email in 2019 was 2.62%, or 1,069 times greater than engagement on Facebook.

While not apples-to-apples behaviorally, someone seeing your email and clicking on anything in it is 1,069 times more likely than someone seeing your Facebook post and clicking on anything in it.

Plus, email is free.

Well, not free, free, but you don’t have to spend six figures on email to get engagement and conversions like you do on social media.

What the Heck is Agency Jumpstart?

When Megan and I talked, we had just launched Agency Jumpstart, an eight-week program that teaches agency owners how to build the processes that allow them to reach their goals—income, lifestyle, and community. 

It is, hands down, one of my most favorite things to do.

Our agency owner clients are progressive, smart, forward-thinking, willing to take risk, and coachable.

We’ve seen all sorts of success with this program. Agency owners are making money, exceeding their goals, building confidence they didn’t know they had, and launching new products and services. 

Plus, it’s an absolute joy to show up weekly to the group coaching calls and watch how they support one another, build each other up, and find ways to work together. 

We love, love, love doing that work with them.

How’s It Going, Now That You’ve Hired a CMO?

And…the last thing we discussed was hiring a chief marketing officer.


This has been a rough one for me.

Not only is marketing my expertise, it’s my first love. So handing it all over to someone else, no matter how capable they are, has been a real challenge for me.

We’ve made some internal shifts since we hired Martin Waxman as our chief marketing officer early last year.

He has moved to special advisor to help with some things specific to the PESO model for next year (more on that later!) and Laura Petrolino has shifted her role into chief marketing officer.

For those of you who know Laura and me together, you know this is a very good thing. She can read my mind and finish my sentences.

But it’s still a real challenge for me.

It’s a good area for growth for 2020. I can give up control. I can do it!

Repurposing Your Media Interviews

While the hope is your media interviews will always see the light of day, this is a fun way to make lemonade out of lemons.

Even if you don’t have the interview recorded, like I did in this case, you can still take things from the cutting room floor, so to speak.

Take good notes during every interview so you have them for follow-up content on your site later.

And if you have media interviews that never seen the light of day, follow-up with the interviewer to see if you can get access to their notes or recording.

It benefits you both to do something with it. Don’t be afraid to ask!

How are you repurposing media interviews?

If you’re not already hanging out with us in the Spin Sucks community, get thee over there and we can discuss there.

Or in the comments below…

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