Seven Ways to Repurpose Your PR ContentYou hear all the time you need to repurpose your PR content.

You know you should do it, but you still don’t.

Maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you feel pressured to deliver results, or simply you don’t see why you should do it.

Why You Should Repurpose Your PR Content

Before getting into the how, let’s look at why you should repurpose the content you create.

First of all, you ensure your content lives longer.

Sure, you can share the same article over and over again, but this doesn’t mean it will live longer.

It just means you will bore your audience to death.

Second, you have the chance to reach more people when you adapt your PR content to each social media channel.

And you bring more traffic to your website and blog.

After all, that’s why you created it in the first place, right?

You become more creative.

Once you set your brain to find ways to repurpose existing content, you will see opportunities everywhere.

Those opportunities will lead to more content ideas, which you can later repurpose.

It’s like creating those content maps Gini Dietrich talks about in The Modern Blogging MasterclassYou never run out of content ideas.

Your PR content holds undiscovered treasures that will help you better connect with your audience.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

Seven Ways to Repurpose Your PR Content

You may be asking how to repurpose your PR content.

On this week’s #ContentChat we talked about ways to upcycle, recycle, or repurpose content.

It was a very vivid and exciting conversation.

In case you missed it, you’ll find a link with the recap at the end.

Here are some ways you can repurpose your content over and over again.

Short Videos

You know by now video is the preferred channel for pretty much everyone.

Use this to your advantage and create a short video with the main takeaways from your piece of content.

You can use AdobeSpark to create a video or your own smartphone camera to narrate it.

If you want to go wild, record yourself talking on the main takeaways and then add text in the post processing.

If you don’t have the skills to do it, hire a videographer. It is worth it.


Give life to your PR content through ever-lasting quotes.

Split your content in byte-size evergreen pieces of wisdom that can be shared over and over again.

I am advocate of high-quality imagery.

Choose powerful images that enhance your content.

They may not be free, but they are worth it.

Don’t forget to add your logo on the imagery, so people know who you are.


Talk about your chosen piece of content on a podcast.

Whether it’s your own podcast, or you’re a guest, make sure you tell people what they need to remember.

Use your storytelling skills to make it memorable.


You can always repurpose your best PR content as an infographic.

People love visuals and sometimes you connect better with your audience through visuals rather than written word.

Infographics are easy to read and easy to share on social media.

Find a good designer and uplift your content to the next level.


We love eBooks.

They are a great way to generate leads and bring more traffic to your website.

Turn your content into an eBook, put it behind a landing page, and start promoting it when the initial hype around the original piece of content has died down.


Slideshows are another great way to repurpose your PR content.

On each slide have one key point or takeaway from your original piece.

Once you finished your slides deck upload it to SlideShare.

You’ll give your content another life and reach a different audience.

Live Video

Live video is an entire different story.

It’s also the reason I chose to add it as a separate way to repurpose your content.

Use Facebook Live to talk about the key points in your article.

Plan in advance and invite people to participate during your live show.

Answer their questions and make it interesting for your audience.

Make yourself available to them to further the conversation after your live appearance.

You can do that on the comment section of your Facebook page.

Keep in mind people don’t like to leave Facebook to go to brands’ websites, so make the most of that conversation.

Likewise you can use Instagram video, though unlike Facebook live, Instagram videos disappear after the broadcast ends.

Instagram live is a great way to engage your audience precisely because it has a short life and people won’t want to miss it.

One important thing to note is no matter how you decide to repurpose your PR content, you have to be smart with how you space in time your repurposed content, so you won’t overwhelm or bore your audience.

In case you missed it, here is a recap of this week’s #contentchat.

Now the floor is yours. How do you repurpose your content?

Corina Manea

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