resources for communications professionalsCan you imagine what navigating this crisis would be if the digital world wasn’t as it is?

We couldn’t disseminate information at the speed and breadth we can.

It would be impossible to work virtually and operate successfully with remote teams.

Kids wouldn’t be able to participate in online learning activities.

And no one could make “who wore it better memes” comparing the virus to current fashion trends.

Tragic. Especially the memes.

Hey You! You’re Doing the Best You Can

And way to go on that because this is hard. Really hard.

There is no sugar-coating the fact it’s really, really, really rough.

It’s scary, not to mention mentally and physically taxing.

And, just like the virus itself, there is a lot of unknown in this brave new world of work and life we are navigating.

Not to mention, being in communications isn’t exactly the easiest thing during a pandemic.

This is both where people need our help the most and also need to cut our budgets the most.

It’s a weird catch-22 of being overworked and losing work.

The good news is: you are not alone in navigating how to best survive and keep trucking.

Wednesday we were in our leadership meeting and Gini had a cute kid and a puppy popping into her screen.

I had a loud Boston accent (my husband) projecting from upstairs (where he was also in a meeting).

And we are used to working from home.

But as Toni-Anne Blake said on a Spin Sucks Instagram post earlier in the week “even those of us who aren’t new to working from home have to deal with these unique circumstances.”

Spin Sucks Community to the Rescue

Here’s the thing: I’ve worked for Spin Sucks for almost seven years (holy crap!).

And was a “Spin Sucks Crazy” long before that.

While things change, one thing that never has is how amazing the Spin Sucks Community is.

The coronavirus chaos has only made our rockstar community stronger.

As soon as things started to get real with COVID-19, our community started sharing resources for communications professionals, asking and answering each other’s questions, supporting, commiserating, and cheering.

Just doing what they always do to help us all mutually drink from the firehose of the communications industry without drowning.

These resources were so helpful, we created it as a working document to share both in the community—and more widely.

If there is any time to be inclusive, it’s probably now (albeit, at a safe distance).

Although I’d be remiss to not highly encourage anyone who isn’t part of the community to jump on board.

It’s free and it’s the best darn group of communicators on the internet.

Right now it’s more important than ever.

Not only are we sharing the resources you see here, but there is some amazing peer-to-peer sharing of insight, questions, and support around how to navigate obstacles specific to communicators during this unique time. #notbiased #sortofbiased

You can sign-up here. 

Resources for Communications Professionals 

These have been divided out by general topic area.

They cover everything from life, to homeschool, to crisis comms, and work from home.

We’ve included all the useful free tools being offered we can find.

Though, I’m sure we’ve missed some soo please list them in the comments below or add to our discussion in the Spin Sucks Community.

Let’s go!

General Resources

These cover a wide ranger of areas and resources for communications professionals that might be useful for work and life.

Crisis Communications

Tools, tips, and resources for communications professionals around crisis communications.

Work from Home Resources

Oh, look at that. You suddenly work from home. Here’s how to deal and help your team succeed.

Home School Fun:

Spin Sucks Blog Posts:

We’ve been working from home for almost a decade and we have some advice.

(And some insight into navigating the work from home, school from home dynamic.)

Online Events (Recommended Platforms):

Sanity and Coping

This is tough. Really tough.

Here are some resources for your most important resource: your mental health.

Free and Discounted Tools and Services

A lot of companies are offering free tools right now.

Here are some free resources for communication professionals that might be particularly useful.

Professional Development:

Assistance Programs

Resources for Communications Professionals

Your turn. What else should be included here?

(And make sure you bookmark this page. We will keep adding resources and tools as they become available and situations change.)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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