Spin Sucks PodcastToday is the day!

We finally have launched the Spin Sucks podcast and early reports are very promising.

It’s alive and growing in iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, and Stitcher.

You know you’ve done something well when your husband says to you:

I really like your podcast. It’s making me think about how we can communicate differently at work.

I mean, the fact that he listened to the first few episodes is huge, but to also pay us a compliment?


There are three new episodes available so you can binge at will.

Following are the show notes on each:

The Spin Sucks Podcast Episode 001

Elon Musk launched a Tesla into space.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you also know he named the mannequin driver Starman.

It all seems like a ridiculous PR stunt, but it wasn’t. At least not in the sleazy way.

What Elon did was share his sweeping vision for the future in a way that was guaranteed to go viral.

You might not have billions and a major corporation backing you, but you can take some profound lessons from Mr. Musk.

To do the work that Musk and Amazon and Apple and other admirable companies do around branding, ask yourself:

  • What is something only your organization can pull off?
  • What drives the passion of the people who work there?
  • What matters most?

If you’re on the agency side, you can do this for your clients, too. Most organizations haven’t done this work and they’ll thank you for forcing them to get it on paper.

It helps to answer three questions:

  1. Number one, what matters to your company (or your clients)?
  2. Number two, how do you know when you’re achieving it?
  3. Number three, how do you want to be known?

And, if you need further help, read The Three-Step Framework to Find Your Competition Free Content Niche, buy and download The Communicator’s Playbook, or join us in the Spin Sucks community.

The Spin Sucks Podcast Episode 002

Everything you write for your community, customers, fans, or ambassadors should be instantly recognizable as you.

If not, you’ll be lost in obscurity along with the deluge of emails from other companies.

If the only way your fans recognize you is by the reply email, it’s time to rethink how you write.

You don’t want to be lost in the information overload deluge, so your action item for this episode is to answer three questions:

  1. When thinking about your brand in comparison with your competition, what makes the way you talk to your audience different?
  2. Are you data-driven with your content, or do you primarily appeal to their emotions?
  3. Are you a trusted advisor, or the hipster with the snarky tone?

Then, fill in the following sentence:

our brand is (insert adjective) because we (insert reason).

If you need help thinking through this some more, read How to Craft a Winning Brand Personality Document or join us in the Spin Sucks community.

The Spin Sucks Podcast Episode 003

You’ve nailed your brand. Now you need to figure out how to make it come alive.

Not Frankenstein alive, but living, breathing, and authentically representative of your company.

It’s way too easy to make your brand voice what you wish it were rather than an accurate portrayal of you and your clients.

That’s why it’s very easy to fail at creating a compelling brand voice.

When you think about the adjectives that describe your brand voice, choose between two and four. This is a good number and helps candidates and prospects understand who you are.

As you build your brand voice, there are a list of questions you can answer:

  • I want my brand to make people feel _______.
  • _______ makes me feel this way.
  • I want people to _______ when they come into contact with my brand.
  • Three words that describe my brand are _______ , _______ , and _______.
  • I want to mimic the brand voice of _______.
  • I dislike brand voices that sound _______.
  • Interacting with my clients and potential clients makes me feel _______.

If you’d like help defining your brand voice or want to get some feedback on what you’ve landed on, join us in the Spin Sucks community. It’s free and there is a lot of brainpower in there to help.

What You Can Expect Going Forward

Starting next week, a new episode will be released every Tuesday and will be instantly available in your podcast listener of choice.

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Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Spin Sucks…and now of our latest venture—the Spin Sucks podcast.

Gini Dietrich

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