Can you imagine being the CEO of Apple – the Godfather of all things iPod, iPad, iPhone?  Now picture answering almost every email that comes your way.  That’s exactly what Steve Jobs does.  He personally responds to almost every email that make it to his inbox while, of course, running one of the world’s most successful brands.  But bad things can happen when billionaires get a little annoyed.

The people at Good Morning America feel Steve should have deleted one particular email.  After a college senior, Ms. Isaacs, late for a paper deadline, didn’t hear back from the Apple media relations team started to panic so she did the next logical thing and emailed Steve directly. Why not?  Well, Steve answered back and it went on for a few.  View the video below for the details.

There are three lessons here.

First, your job as a PR or communications professional is to make your company look good.  You can do this by simply responding to inquiries and answering emails.  We now see how things can get ugly when you don’t do your job properly.

The second lesson is to give Steve a break.  Yes, “leave us alone” is probably not the best response, but he answered the girl!  She could have written a paper on that alone.  Title: “Billionaire, Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian Answers Emails Directly.”

Third and foremost, quit feeling sorry for this girl.  It’s making me sick to see the media flock to her side.  After hearing how many times she called and reading her emails I find her just as annoying and would like to say worse.  She has no right to expect anything from anyone.  And frankly, her emails sound pretty snotty, if I do say so myself.

Whose team are you on?  Team Jobs or Team Isaacs?