I have seen many commercials over the years and never felt the urge to comment one way or the other on any of them until now.  I just love the recent T-Mobile commercial of the single father and his three daughters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFaCMUGq79k    I can’t remember a commercial that I have enjoyed more.  If I am in another room and hear the commercial I will stop what I’m doing and come into the room to watch; and each and every time it makes me laugh.  The commercial is about the T-Mobile MyFaves Plan and the three daughters are setting their single father up to date their “faves” family members.  I had T-Mobile for years and the only reason I switched to Verizon was because two of my sons have Verizon and calls to them are free.  Because of this T-Mobile commercial and unlimited calls to “talk to my faves” has me considering the switch back to T-Mobile.  Kudos to T-Mobile for keeping me entertained!