Today’s guest post if by Carmelo Bryan.

Don’t you hate it when you get shafted on a business transaction?

It sucks. But it seems to happen all too often.

The mechanic takes advantage, the refund doesn’t come through, or promises far exceed the product delivered.

Remember that 60’s show “Let’s Make a Deal” with Monty Hall?

Or maybe you know the new version with Wayne Grady.

The entire audience comes dressed like living toys and candy hoping to deal for cash and prizes and ultimately a grand prize.

Yet there’s a good chance all the wheeling and dealing could end in disaster.

Make the wrong decision and you could end up with a bale of hay and a Billy goat. Shafted.

Why do so many companies today follow this model? Sure, we like low prices, but not at the expense of quality. They may as well open their overcoat and whisper, “Psst, hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?” Do they think we’re a bunch of morons?

The Game Show Guide to Life and Business

Here’s how the show works. Contestants are picked from the costumed audience then bartered with for cash and prizes. Just like life, it can get pretty intense.

The costumes say life can be fun. The bartering mimics life’s decisions. The prizes are all about the stuff we buy. Finally, you have the option to risk everything for the grand prize – hidden behind one of three huge doors. It could be a trip around the world … or that goofy little goat.

There’s a lot of glitter, but little substance. Perfect for TV, but we have business brands imitating “Let’s Make a Deal!” And so do celebrities, politicians, and athletes. They still believe they can fool us.

The Great Integrity Hoax

Character is severely lacking.

We come to Spin Sucks because we stand for something  – honesty and integrity. Of course these can’t be limited to the public persona. It has to come from within. You can’t manufacture authenticity.

Many businesses try to pretend we’ll never see through their attempts to fool us. They pay big bucks to try to spin things their way. They try to create an image without acting in accordance to set principles and pre-established core values.

And sometimes they get us.

Who Knows What Lurks Behind the Three Doors?

Play along with me. Now, I’m just a blogger but let’s say I’m one of the biggies, the CEO of Carmelo, Inc.  I spearhead product creation, direct the marketing, and take responsibility for company success.

Let’s look behind “the doors” at what I have:

  1. Door Number One: A Great Product or Service. I’m ready – I slide that big door open and there’s my “shiny new car” (or whatever.) People love it.
  2. Door Number Two: Marketing and PR Campaigns. News releases, PR campaigns, and social media – got it. I’ve priced my wares attractively and demonstrate how they will change people’s lives. I’m making sales. So far, so good.But, oops, there’s something I “forgot.
  3. Door Number Three: Surprise! I had to beat the competition to market so I slapped a few things together last minute and let customer service slide. I “forgot” to think about reputation or maybe I’m just a jerk with no conscience.

Either way, the customer takes it in the shorts.

Really now, how hard can this be?  Yet, this is often where character flaws and a lack of integrity show up. Things look great and do cool stuff, but there’s no long-term vision. Where is the focus on you, the customer? It’s often lost in the pursuit of immediate profits, votes, or fame.

How to End the Deception

There’s a part of me that would like to think we as consumers and bloggers are making a difference and that things will improve. But, maybe I’m just dreaming. Maybe the goat’s here to stay and we’re going to have to live with their shenanigans forever.

Well, I may not be able to change what the rest of the world does, but I can govern myself. That I know.

I’ve adopted a “no goat” policy! That’s my stand … my flag in the ground.

Are you with me?

Carmelo Bryan works with achievers and entrepreneurs who are struggling to find their voice and passion. He blogs for Critter Wisdom, a site dedicated to ending the dreaded “Expert Dependency Disorder.” Carmelo uses the lessons of nature and its critters to help people live from their core being and reach their true potentials. Like him on Facebook.