Top Three Spin Sucks PR Blog Posts of 2015By Laura Petrolino

I thought to myself, “Self, you know what would be a killer idea? Dig into analytics to see what the most popular PR blog posts on Spin Sucks were for 2015, and then write a post on it for the end of the year.”

So this is exactly what I did.

And then I realized none of my posts were in the top three, or even the top five. None of them. Not one. Zip.

So then I thought maybe it wasn’t as good of an idea as it originally seemed.

The logical conclusion of this finding is that my posts were so popular they basically broke analytics. Heck, maybe they even broke Google? The shear amazingness of them created a type of phantom presence in which a good majority of my adoring fans aren’t counted as actual visitors due to the state of enlightenment they felt while reading my insights. 

Clearly that’s it. But alas, I’m just going to share the most popular PR blog posts that analytics was able to record.

Top Three Spin Sucks PR Blog Posts (that aren’t mine)

These are the top posts written this year—2015 (clarification in case you were confused what year it was). So, while there are actually other top, top, all-time posts—these are the ones with the most traffic written this year.

  1. Face Blindness in the Workplace: It makes me very happy to announce #1 on our list. Not only because it’s a great post, but because it’s written by one of everyone’s favorite Spin Sucks Crazies, Paula Kiger. In this post, Paula explains a condition which effects the way she works: Face Blindness. She also uses this as a launching point to explore how we all deal with our own workplace challenges, plus how we can—and should—support others with theirs.
  2.  PR Pros Must Embrace the PESO Model: Not surprising that this is one of our top PR posts—and no doubt it will be for many years to come. Here Gini Dietrich explains the PESO model and how to get started and use it in your business. This is a great post to bookmark and re-read as you review your 2016 communications strategy. It’s also an excellent one to refer people to when you attempt to explain the PESO model. Or you can always just use my simple explanation: A “peso” is a form of dinero (money) in Mexico, likewise using the PESO in PR will result in growth, success, and revenue for your business. So always remember PESO in any form, equals money (cha chinnnnng).
  3. Why the E. L. James Twitter Chat Went Horribly Wrong: Social media is a wonderland. One that can be used for good and evil. And while it can sometimes seem it offers limitless opportunities, smart PR pros know that opportunity only comes to those who have a smart strategy and are prepared to talk in real time with the interwebz—for better or worse. Unfortunately, time and time again we witness people and companies who are not armed with either of those things (or common sense for that matter). After reading an article about how horribly wrong E.L James’ Twitter chat went (and we are talking hilariously wrong), Gini wrote down some rules to follow so your own Twitter chats don’t follow suit with fifty shades of failure.

And Then There Were Hashtags….

For those of you wondering what my most popular PR blog post of the year was (since I’m sure you all were, right? RIGHT?!?) Oddly it was: Four Secrets to Successful Hashtag Marketing.  Hashtags. HASHTAGS? I write about hashtags and that’s what everyone likes? 


Anyway, #enoughaboutme

That’s what analytics said, what were YOUR favorite Spin Sucks PR blog posts this year?

Laura Petrolino

Laura Petrolino is chief marketing officer for Spin Sucks, an integrated marketing communications firm that provides strategic counsel and professional development for in-house and agency communications teams. She is a weekly contributor for their award-winning blog of the same name. Spin Sucks. Join the Spin Sucks   community.

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