Youtility- Why Your Marketing Needs to Be About Help, Not HypeBy Gini Dietrich

Did you know the difference between helping and selling is just two letters?

Go ahead. Figure it out. I’ll wait.

You good now?

Other than the two letters, what is the difference between help and sell?

That’s how Jay Baer, the author of Youtility, begins his presentation on the topic of helping your customers instead of selling them.

I’m fairly certain Jay needs no introduction. He has been on the social media, author, speaking, blogging circuit for many, many years. He has built companies and sold them. He moved his family to Bloomington, Ind., for no other reason than they liked the town. And he’s a tequila aficionado.

He is, hands down, one of the very best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to see again…and again…and again…and again.

Most people you’d be bored with if you saw them speak as many times as I’ve seen Jay, but he always delights and surprises me.

That’s why I’m super excited he’ll be joining us on Thursday for a Spin Sucks version of Youtility: Why Your Marketing Needs to Be About Help, Not Hype.

What You’ll Learn

Because my name is on the door, I get to see things ahead of time. I watched Jay’s webinar on Friday and wow-wee is it good!

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • How to be useful – not amazing – to grow your business through marketing;
  • How to address the difficult questions customers and prospects ask;
  • How to develop Youtility based on what your customers actually want from you;
  • What it means to be competing against everything, including cat blogs; and
  • How to use case studies – both B2C and B2B examples to sell Youtility to the powers that be.

My Perspective

It takes a lot to convince executives to give away company secrets, to be helpful and educational through marketing, and not to be afraid of competitors stealing your ideas.

One of the examples I love to give – and which Jay tells in this webinar – is how the executive chef at McDonald’s in Canada made a video to show you how to make their secret sauce.

If McDonald’s can give away their secret sauce and still hold the burger title, it makes sense you can convince your executives to begin to give away some of their best ideas.

Jay uses other examples of this idea in the webinar that will help you sell the idea, but I will tell you – from our perspective – it works really, really well.

We give away our best ideas on Spin Sucks nearly every day (unless I’m on my soapbox about gender issues) and not only have we won a ton of awards and are consistently named in the top three PR and marketing blogs in the world, our competitors are here every day soaking in the information and going back to their offices to implement what we’ve taught them.

As a business owner, I can tell you how strange that feels. As a marketer, I now know from experience how well it works in creating loyalty and providing opportunities for organic growth.

How Do I Join the Webinar?

Jay has kindly created this webinar for you free-of-charge. It is this Thursday at 11:30 ET.

All you have to do is two things:

  1. Register for the webinar by clicking here.
  2. You will then receive an email with a link to register with Meeting Burner. Make sure you complete that form, as well, or you won’t receive confirmation of your attendance.

If you can’t attend live, don’t worry! We’ll have a recording of it and you’ll receive it post-webinar.

But please still register and go through both steps so we know to send it to you.

This is a good one. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder, CEO, and author of Spin Sucks, host of the Spin Sucks podcast, and author of Spin Sucks (the book). She is the creator of the PESO Model and has crafted a certification for it in partnership with Syracuse University. She has run and grown an agency for the past 15 years. She is co-author of Marketing in the Round, co-host of Inside PR, and co-host of The Agency Leadership podcast.

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