My momma, Christy Norton, is today’s guest blogger. This is not the first time she’s been on Spin Sucks. Last summer she made her debut in our weekly video blog. In honor of my birthday she writes about grounding me for my entire life and other fun stuff. Here she is…Skirsty, momma, mumsily, Mamma Mia…my mom.

Happy Birthday Gini Gin!!!!

I wish that we were together celebrating, I miss you tons!

I want to take the occasion of the celebration of your birth to apologize for two things.  I digress, apologizing means that you are truly sorry for something.  I’m not sure that I am truly sorry, just a little sorry.

I am sorry that your name is such a difficult one.  One that causes explanations.  I’m sure that many people have been in therapy for years after being called as many names as you have been called.  There is the ever present Jenny, of course, Gina, Geenie, Geri, and my personal favorite, Gin Gin (although I am the only one allowed to call you that).

Originally, we wanted to name you Virginia after my beloved Aunt Virginia.  What kind of a name was that for this beautiful, petite, baby of mine?  We chose Gini as a tribute to Aunt Virgie, but your name alone.  So there it is.  You weren’t named after drinks from France or the U.S., or the Ginny doll, but a name that we thought would be easier to live with than Virginia.  How innocent and naive new parents can be.

The second item is about your contention that you should be left-handed.  Let us explore this.  Being a former kindergarten teacher, I was well aware of some of the difficulties of “lefties.” They have to sit at the end of the table so they don’t bump elbows with each other.  They have to have special scissors, special tools, and special attention (sorry left-handed kindergartners).   I may not know about a lot of things, but I know a lot about children.

I wanted to make things as easy as possible for you.  At the point when all children start reaching for things with both hands, you seemed to favor your  left hand.  I counter-balanced that by putting things on your right side.  Thus, you contend that I MADE you right-handed.  Perhaps your even-minded thinking might be a result of this?  You think with both sides of your brain, could that have anything to do with you being relatively ambidextrous?  Might you want to thank me rather than mock me?

So, I apologize, half-heartedly.

The most rewarding part of being a parent is seeing the end result of something that you have poured heart and soul into for years.

As a new parent, every thought, action, and prayer revolves around this little being that has invaded your life turning it completely upside down. Yet, you love this little person more than life itself.

Gini, what a beautiful baby (and child and adult)!  Those big eyes, perfect features, you were just perfect in every way.

I was instantly smitten the moment I set eyes on you.  Smitten with the fierceness of  Mother Love. Never underestimate the completeness of Mother Love. No love compares to Mother Love.  No one will ever love you as completely and unconditionally as your mom.

Parenting is the yin and yang of life.  I have always loved you, but sometimes I didn’t like you.  I remember telling you that you were grounded for the rest of your life, and I meant it.  You have always been my JOY in life.  I couldn’t be more proud of you, not only of your accomplishments, but of the person that you are.

I love you Gin Gin,