Good News StoriesWow. Is this real life?

It’s been a wild ride the last several weeks and so much of “business as usual”, is in uncharted territory.

Nothing like a good ‘ole pandemic to really get those cortisol levels pumping.

And that’s why it’s time for some good news, good news baaaaby.

You Need Good News (The Data Proves It)

At the end of every year, I do my New Years’ “good news” post, where I round up a bunch of really heartwarming and encouraging stories from the prior year.

It’s a nice reminder that even though we often only hear about the yucky, there’s a lot of amazing people, things, events, and situations that go overlooked.

The interesting thing about this year’s post is it’s remained—week after week—one of our most read and engaged with posts.

So basically the data shows you all are in desperate need of some good news.

As the resident Spin Sucks optimist, I’M HERE FOR IT!

And what better time to take a deep breath and remember the world is really a fabulous place than during a pandemic.

So let’s go!

We Are Making Progress on Some Diseases

The coronavirus is all around us. And it’s new, scary, and very unknown.

And so it’s nice to look at other scary diseases where we’ve made a lot of progress.

Diseases that used to be dead ends.

The second man has been cured of HIV! Growing up in the ’90s, when we watched Rent and felt petrified of the certain death that started with HIV at every turn, this seems amazing to me. And so hopeful.

Another word that used to strike fear in our hearts: Ebola. And the last Liberian Ebola patient was just successfully discharged from the hospital.

The same will happen with COVID-19.

Especially with organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which recently announced their commitment of up to $125 million in seed funding to “speed-up the response to the COVID-19 epidemic by identifying, assessing, developing, and scaling-up treatments”.

Also, how much do we love Bill and Melinda Gates for all they do for our world and well-being?

Animals Are The BEST!

When in doubt: ANIMALS. That’s my motto.

Animals have this amazing way of making everything better.

Some of you know my dog has been going through chemo (after having emergency surgery in early December where they had to take out half his organs and give him two blood transfusions).

And even with all of that, this dog is irrepressible.

He is such a happy and joyful soul and it’s impossible to not let his joy for life absolutely infect you.

Here are some other animals who are pretty swell:

There was a llama in a tuxedo at this wedding and honestly, now I’m terribly disappointed there wasn’t a llama in a tuxedo at mine.

This pizzeria had been putting photos of animals available for adoption on pizza boxes, to help find them homes.

I’m the BIGGEST sucker for interspecies friends and this pigeon and chihuahua duo really wins all the awards. Read about their friendship and the great work of the Mia Foundation and then watch the video. I just can’t…

This video of a dog mom helping her daughter carry a big stick is just the girl power video you need in your life right now.

This lizard makes art and then donates the proceeds to charity. Kind of makes you feel bad with your community service, huh?

These giraffes accurately represent how we all feel on the first “warmish” day after winter. Or possibly after we escape our coronavirus quarantines.

Good People Doing Good Things

Sometimes it’s easy to see the worst in people.

But there are more really amazing people in the world than there are jerks.

Trust me, there are.

We just give the jerks more power.

Lots of good people are doing good things every day.

Heck, you are probably one of them.

Those are the people who deserve our attention and power.

This family in India has driven over 5,000 people to the hospital in their “motorcycle ambulance.”

This vet treats pets of those without homes for free.

This Dallas cafe hires kids who have aged out of the foster care system, preventing many of them from being homeless.

Be on the lookout for people going above and beyond during all of this.

People always step-up and show-up during difficult times.

Heck, even Mark Cuban is out there doing good. He’s starting a program for hourly workers hurt by coronavirus shutdown.

You Need More Good News Stories

You bet you do!

Here are some go-tos for the good news stories you need:

You can also always be your own freaking good news.

Especially when things around you are chaotic, there are endless opportunities to be the good news.

Try to assume people are out there doing good things and you’ll start to see that they actually are.

You’ll also find ways you can be one of those people.

And if you need help getting your optimism game on, check out my post on optimism and this one on mindset work.

Your Turn to Share the Good News!

Let’s hear your good news.

What amazing and inspirational things have you encountered in the last week?

Even in the midst of chaos, where have you found people going above and beyond?

Share your stories in the comments below.

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