We all know the significance of the recent presidential elect, or do we? I couldn’t believe when I came across this blog post on Gawker.com, it took a couple of minutes for my mouth to close.

How sneaky can you be? Should a public relations firm ever be sneaky? Anonymously a public relations firm gave Gawker a tip about how companies are demanding more black people to attend their client’s holiday parties in reference of the new direction our country is going. I think we took a major step back.

I’m not shooting the messenger here, but as a public relations firm, why would you want to associate yourself with this kind of change? Or better yet, when your firm is promoting an idea, product, or company, don’t you know that you are working directly with the media to target your audience?

Here is a thought, step one for your firm to never go by: “Well, we can do this and hope it never gets leaked out.” Great message mystery firm, and thanks for representing the public relations industry and our country so well.

What’s even better, the mystery firm created a list of who would be acceptable. Are you kidding me? I cannot wait to read the cover up or should I say spin on retracting these statements.