Many consumers heard Quiznos would give away one million free subs.  Consumers were instructed to go to the Quiznos Web site and enter their contact information and a coupon for a free sub would be sent to them via e-mail.   Does this sound too good to be true?

I printed the coupon and tried to redeem it at four (4) different Quiznos and was told none of them were participating in the sub giveaway.  The most frustrating was that only one (1) of the four (4) posted a sign that they were not participating.

I was surprised to read the article with a quote from the EVP of Marketing at Quiznos saying:  “Given the current state of the economy, we believe we should all be responsible for looking at our part of the world to understand how we can make it better.  And for Quiznos, that meant lowering our prices while maintaining the high quality standards we are known for, and providing an opportunity for a million people across the country to try our toasty subs for free.”

It appears this coupon giveaway will get consumers into Quiznos but instead of a free sub all they will get is disappointed.  I guess the disappointed and probably hungry consumer could purchase the sub and that may have been the real reason for the sub giveaway.