I received my copies of “The Now Revolution” last Thursday. While I’ve had a few days to dig into it, I’m not quite finished reading it so am not ready to give you a review.

What I will tell you, though, is I have lots of pages dog eared and lots of notes in the margins. So you’re going to get a full-on review when I finish. None of this scanning stuff. I’m actually reading every word.

But, I didn’t want you to have to wait for me to finish so you can enter the contest to receive your very own free copy of Jay Baer’s and Amber Naslund’s new book.

You may have heard that they gave two copies to 75 bloggers to give away to their readers. I get to keep one (the one I’ve marked up) and I get to give the second one away.

The catch? You have to enter a contest.

The best part? I get to decide the contest.

If you’re new here, you don’t know how much we love our contests. We love our contests!

It sort of began in November when the Arment Dietrich Facebook page hit 1,000 “likes” and we wanted to celebrate those who have come along on our crazy journey. We held a photo contest and gave away a Flip camera. John Heaney won that one with “Legally Gini.”

Just last week, we held a contest to name our top five stories of the week blog post (Barry Silver won with Gin and Topics) and we gave away a copy of Branding Yourself by Kyle Lacy and Erik Deckers.

And now we get to give away “The Now Revolution.”

So exciting!

Are you ready?

You are to use the image of the book cover with the Spin Sucks logo on top (yes, the one I’ve used here) and take a picture of yourself holding it (can be a print out) in the most creative location you can find. While standing on top of Mt. Rushmore is creative, think less about well-known places and more about creative places. Maybe you shower with it. Maybe it makes it onto the jumbotron at the Bulls game (that would win, hands down!). Whatever you decide, remember you’re up against a bunch of other people who are going to be thinking as creatively as possible.


Come back here and link to your photo in the comments (with a comment too, please, so the spam filter doesn’t get you). It can be on Flickr, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else you can provide a link.

The deadline is midnight on Friday, February 18 (that’s this Friday).

You must link to your photo in the comments (with a comment so the spam filter doesn’t get you) to be entered. Tweeting, emailing, Facebooking, or any other form of communication will not enter you.

We’ll narrow it down to our top five favorites and then I’ll see if, between speaking engagements and crazy traveling, Jay and Amber can choose their favorite.

I’ll announce the winner here one week from today. And then we’ll mail you your copy of “The Now Revolution.”




Gini Dietrich

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