How Businesses Are Getting More Reach with chatBotsWhat’s all the buzz about chatbots?

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I’m Larry Kim, and I’ve built my name as a growth marketing hacker, unicorn enthusiast, and most recently, founder of Facebook Messenger chatbot building platform, MobileMonkey.

What are chatbots, you ask?

Well, chatbots are interactive, automated, and scalable marketing software.

Now that it’s nearly 2019, it’s time you were familiar with what chatbots can do to make your life easier.

So, here are ten things you can do with chatbots today to drive all-star results for B2B, B2C, non-profit, and communications.

Chat Blasting

Chat blasting is a lot like sending an email blast campaign, but with better engagement.

When a comms pro uses a chatbot to engage with customers on the biggest chat application in the U.S. — Facebook Messenger — they can expect an average of 80 percent open rate and a 20 percent click-through rate.

By using a marketing platform like MobileMonkey, you can create marketing funnels with chatbots that send follow-up messages to contacts.

And you can segment contacts into audiences based on interest or awareness.

Messaging is highly personalized. You know the user’s name, gender, location, and language as soon as they become a contact.

That’s all thanks to the data which Facebook Messenger gives us about contacts right out of the gate. And it’s GDPR compliant.

Increasing Facebook Ad ROAS

These days, Facebook ads sending traffic to your website can cost nearly $4 per click.

And when the user gets to your site, they can leave without a trace.

Typically, most websites have a two percent conversion rate. That comes out to around $200 per acquisition.

But, you can use Facebook ads to send traffic to your Messenger inbox instead.

With click-to-Messenger ads, you can expect about $4 per conversation you start.

You’ll get a new customer’s contact information, and you can send follow-up messaging.

Sure, it can get expensive. But we were able to go from $150 to $5 cost per acquisition (CPA) with Messenger ads using our software (you can find the case study on the MobileMonkey website).

Using Facebook Messenger ads means no more anonymous website traffic and a better return on ad spend (ROAS).

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The lowest hanging retargeting fruit is rescuing people who were just about to buy.

Did you know nearly 70 percent of shopping carts are abandoned?

Now, all it takes is a few automated messages to bring back one-third of them.

Plus, Messenger ads can slash your ad spend by up to almost one-quarter.

Our case study found one chatbot marketing agency which was able to improve their ROAS by an average of 7.45 percent.

By employing an ad campaign targeting shoppers who abandoned their carts they were able to increase that number to more than 50 percent.

(You can find these case studies on the MobileMonkey website.)

How Businesses Are Getting More Reach with Bots

Source: MobileMonkey

Subscription Updates

Subscription messaging allows you to send regular updates, from a variety of message options, as long as your audience opts-in.

These are a perfect way to keep audience attention. Everything from blog updates to payment and app updates, to reservations or appointments.

And check out this long list of subscription updates you can send through Messenger chatbots.

How Businesses Are Getting More Reach with Bots

Source: MobileMonkey

All you have to do is apply for subscription messaging, abide by Facebook messaging guidelines, and you’re good to go.

Lead Forms

You can collect information from contacts in Messenger, and it’s more interactive than a web form.

Whereas in Messenger, the familiar and conversational interface makes filling out a form more engaging for the user.

In turn, you’re able to deliver more personalized content, offers, and conversations to help convert more customers over time.

Motivational Tips and Quotes

Simple motivational tips or quotes are a simple way to stay top-of-mind.

In one case, we sent daily “fortune cookies” to commemorate national fortune cookie day. Nothing fancy, but it was upbeat and fun.

And by delivering subscription-based motivation, your brand will be a bright spot in the customer’s day.

Survey Customers

Customer survey response rates suffer the longer they are, or the longer the delay.

Overcome both by using short Messenger surveys with fast, easy answers that customers can complete at the tap of a button

Give a simple Messenger survey a spin here.

How Businesses Are Getting More Reach with Bots

Source: Larry Kim

Bonus: Survey responses aren’t anonymous. And, you can send super-relevant follow-up messaging based on their answers.

Drip Campaign

Messenger drip campaigns allow you to nurture and convert leads at scale.

Then, you can segment your audience by their location, when they contact you, and by looking at any interests or previous answers they’ve given you.

So if you have a solution with a long consideration period, or if education is critical to purchasing, drip campaigns in Messenger are a great way to nurture contacts.

Webinar Registration

If you use webinars in your marketing and want more sign-ups and show-ups, then you should add Messenger.

You can use Messenger to send personalized announcements to help boost the number of people signing up for your webinar.

Then, increase your attendee rate by sending a reminder an hour before the webinar starts. Messenger has superior open rates and push notifications.

As an example, here’s a reminder we sent for a recent webinar:

How Businesses Are Getting More Reach with Bots

Source: MobileMonkey

Grow Your List

MobileMonkey has built-in contact growth tools that let marketers grow their list. More of these tools are being added all the time:

  • Website messenger chat integration: Embed your Facebook chat on the site to gain new contacts from your existing site traffic.
  • Share a link to Messenger: Create a direct link to your chat page and add it as a CTA to everything from social to email campaigns.
  • Build landing pages that send users to Messenger: MobileMonkey landing pages are a way to grow leads and Messenger contacts within your control to launch and design.
  • Use click-to-Messenger ads: Build your Messenger contact list for pennies on the dollar comparing to other Facebook ad objectives.
  • Set up Facebook post autoresponders: Use a Comment Guard that automatically messages people when they comment on your Facebook posts.

And that’s just the beginning.

Lately, Facebook’s organic post reach has been declining.

Alternately, Messenger’s open and engagement rates are at the top of their game.

The Best Platform for Chatbots…Right Now

The Facebook Messenger platform is providing some of the best response rates versus any other platform.

And by being the early adopter in your space, you can take advantage of these returns before the competition does.

Even though the technology is relatively new, you are using tried-and-true marketing tactics you’re familiar with.

But the difference is, you’re using them in an exciting and engaging new platform.

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