E-Commerce: Six Strategies to Boost ConversionsBy Robert Nachum

If you’re a business owner who manages and operates an eCommerce site, chances are you’ve experienced “that feeling.”

That feeling you get when you’re going through your checklist wondering why you don’t have the customer conversion rates you’d once hoped for because you know your eCommerce is the pillar in maintaining your customers and your company’s brand appearance.

eCommerce serves as a dominant force in today’s shopping experience, with an annual growth rate of 17 percent, in the U.S alone.

Therefore, you want to do your best by showing your true colors, and make the best impression in order to boost your conversions.

Establishing an eCommerce site is one thing.

To make a site that is stimulating and convincing enough to boost your customer to buyer conversion rate above the average five to 10 percent takes a certain level of higher insight.

Your insight will boost your search ranking, brand outreach, and will enable interested customers to find you.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few simple strategies to drive up your site’s conversion rate, leapfrogging you ahead of the competition.

eCommerce: Use Intelligence Software Solutions to Your Advantage

Once your eCommerce site is live and being well-received by your online shopping community, all is good right?

Almost, but not quite.

You still may not have a good idea of who’s visiting your site with intentions to actually buy, and who’s definitely not. Here’s a number to keep in mind: 98 percent.

This is the average percentage of site visitors who enter and leave eCommerce sites without being converted.

Make use of an eCommerce tool with built in intelligence, such as Pepperifor buyers. This platform allows you to take control of the entire ordering process and track it all.

The system uses an order report generator to show relevant products to frequent shoppers, and top selling items appear on the dashboard using smart analytics.

In reality, around 80 percent of eCommerce sites do not take full advantage of the data analytic tools at their disposal. There is more than enough access to customer data via free and paid analytical tools. 

These resources deliver actionable information such as where web traffic comes from. Moreover, they reveal targeted behavioral insights on how users interact within your site, and what piques their interests, along with conversion and purchase rates.

Using this tactic to your advantage has the potential to increase customer conversion rates by around 30 percent.

Behavioral targeting solutions go a step beyond convention by connecting and analyzing key data points, uncovering the buyer’s true buying motivation, and addressing their potential concerns.

So if you want to automate your website for a tailored customer experience unique to the individual, showcase top products and deals that they’re interested in based on prior behavior. 

Showcase Your Products

Customers love a shopping experience on a website that is minimalist, sleek, and makes the buying process quick and simple. Part of this process mandates solid imagery and the proper amount of content.

Keeping product imagery as close to real life as possible and large enough to view every detail at all angles is essential. Moreover, having the right amount of content on the items description is key, so the buyer can know enough to feel comfortable with what they are about to purchase.

ITLY, a retailer that provides Italian made goods clearly illustrates their products by showcasing them in a chic yet simple style that draws the user’s direct attention. Moreover, when you click on each item you can see more views and every possible angle of the desired product.

Six Successful Strategies to Boost e-Commerce Conversions

Source: itly.com

Always Have a Customer Reviews Page

A good way to build your customers’ trust is by incorporating customer review ratings and review features on your site.

As shown below, having a page or link where customers can register their comments, complaints, and/or level of satisfaction can increase your conversion rate by around 18 percent.

This shows you actually care about the customer’s experience, creating an open dialogue so they can make better informed purchasing decisions.

Six Successful Strategies to Boost e-Commerce Conversions

Source: econsultancy.com

Onsite Promotions

Data analytics is a great way to make a customized shopping experience for a customer, and can be extended as an onsite promotional tool. By following reference sites, analytics can track which coupons consumers click.

This tactic personalizes ad coupons and banners.

For instance, if a user just visited a coupon site and clicked for a five percent discount, the second they click on your page, the same ad banner will pop up, increasing your conversion rate.

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Email Promotions

Email promotions greatly improve customer engagement and it’s an easy form of content outreach, but should look as if it was crafted for the individual.

This promotional method is ranked as one of the more promising means of increasing sales with studies revealing that for every dollar invested results show an ROI of more than 40.

According to Experianpersonalized emails have a proven track record of user clicks, 29 percent higher than generic emails.

Six Successful Strategies to Boost e-Commerce Conversions

Source: allvirtual.me

But to make an email truly tailored to the individual requires data insights to track purchasing history, behavior, and basic open access customer information.

For example, if a customer bailed on a last minute purchase, an automated email would be sent to see what the problem may have been and offer a solution.

Dynamic Pages

When a customer enters your website, surprise them by not having a generic static website—this is not convincing and detracts attention from your content.

Fifty-nine percent of online shoppers say dynamic pages makes the shopping experience unique, by making the search process easy with recommendations suiting the buyer’s taste.

This has been proven to increase your chances of online site visits by 45 percent.

While there are plenty of other tactics, incorporating these proven strategies into your website is a good and straightforward means of increasing your eCommerce conversion rate.

What kind of strategies do you currently use to increase your eCommerce conversions?

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