I think you know we are pretty passionate about blogging. We blog because we get to meet people like you, develop close friendships, have fun, debate, and learn from each other.

But that is not the primary reason.

We are blogging to grow our business.

We are here, sharing opinions, expertise and helping each other out because we hope you will:

  1. Hire us – to consult and/or to speak.
  2. Subscribe to Spin Sucks Pro when it launches.
  3. Take our webinars/ buy our ebooks.
  4. Share this with a friend or a colleague who may do one of the above.

That is the essence of inbound marketing is it not? To attract a fierce and loyal community by providing informative and entertaining content.

We want to help you do the same with your blog. Are you cranking out content that is bringing in leads and helping you grow your business?

We’ve asked Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion, aka Mufasa to join Gini Dietrich in our upcoming webinar to show you how.

Marcus has pretty much rocked the swimming pool industry through the use of content marketing. If he can do it for swimming pools, you can do it for yours.

Next week, he will share all the techniques he used to catapult his company’s site to the very top of its industry, and he promises to help participants gain an entirely new approach to blogging in general.

If a business owner/content marketer is ‘thinking’ the right way, they should have an endless supply of blog articles that will not only benefit readers and potential customers, but will also be appreciated by the search engines. Happy search engines drive more traffic to your site and therefore more leads.

Want to hear how Marcus has grown his swimming pool business? Well, here’s your chance!

Next Thursday, July 28th, at 11 a.m. CT, he will join Gini as she asks him what works, what doesn’t work, and the best practices you can use in your marketing programs.

It is $50. If you’re interested, head on over and get yourself registered!