Today’s guest post is written by Geoff Livingston.

Local and mobile are two really hot topics in marketing. They embody the spirit of the current customer media experience and where they are in any given moment.

Increasingly, companies are turning to cause marketing to show their cultural values and enhance their brands. Consider that 83 percent of Americans want their favorite brands to invest in causes.

This is why events (mobile), which are local and cause-oriented, can be a great boon to businesses. Add in social media and local digerati, and now you’re talking a marketing perfect storm.

At Razoo, we wanted to harness these various elements into one event, Twive and Receive, a national giving day on June 14 to promote our platform.

Yes, I can see the snark coming… Another Twitter coined word: Twive, combining Twitter and giving. What can we say? We wanted Twive to have the same fun spirit of early groundbreaking Twitter moments.

Twive and Receive

Already more than 150 cities and local nonprofits across America have agreed to compete to win their share of $30,000 in award money we’re providing. Twive has strong roots in prior national social media giving events and contests such as Twestival and America’s Giving Challenge. Gamifying the Twitter-based giving day with a competitive leader board should add an extra level of excitement to the effort. Who will be America’s most generous city?

We are encouraging nonprofits to team up with local Twitter and social media leaders to help them fundraise in their hometown. Razoo anticipates it will be a great cause marketing moment as well as a fantastic way to highlight our platform. Metrics will not only include cities signed up, number of civic donations across the country, fundraising performance in the form of dollars raised per city (our primary ROI, Olivier Blanchard), the percentage of donors who amplify their action (share), and strictly from an attention perspective, the number of social impressions we create.

One thing we’d love to see is other brands step up and participate. We certainly don’t see this as a Razoo-only event, rather a proof of concept.

We hope you participate in Twive and Receive, too. Individual actions, nonprofit participation, or corporate support together will create massive online action and a statement that together we can create great moments of generosity. Learn more and get involved here.

What do you think of Twive and Receive?

Geoff Livingston is an author, public speaker, and marketing strategist who has dedicated his career to helping mindful companies and nonprofits achieve social change. In 2012, he is serving as vice president of strategic partnerships for Razoo. His new book, Marketing in the Round, is co-authored with our own Gini Dietrich.