This Thanksgiving I’m not thankful for holiday travelers.  Did you read this report on CNN?  It is so true.  It’s not the delays, the incompetent attendants, or the cramped airplane seats that annoy me; it’s other travelers!

New York has definitely jaded me, but luckily I’m still grounded (or so says my fiancé).  So one thing I promise to do this Thanksgiving is to give to others less fortunate than me.

As you know, on November 1, Mosquito Squad (client) presented the online world with the challenge of raising $30,000 in 30 days to help end malaria-related deaths in Africa.  Although we won’t reach the $30,000 goal by next Tuesday, it is obvious every $10 donation counts.

Malaria kills 2,200 children in Africa every day. Every, single day 2,200 kids die from a disease they got from a mosquito bite. Think about that for a second.

Our CEO, Gini Dietrich, is allergic to mosquitoes so she swells like a big balloon when she’s bit. She could go into anaphylactic shock, but it’s pretty rare that would happen. She’s one in very, very few people in progressive countries who can die from the bite. Which is a far cry from the 2,200 African kids who die every day from malaria.

And it can easily be prevented!

A $10 donation buys one mosquito net for one family, which lasts them an entire year. For $10 you can save four people from being bit by the disease-ridden bugs.

As you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow afternoon, think about how much you have as compared to the kids in Africa who are dying because they don’t have mosquito nets to protect them while they sleep.

So, if other travelers are your biggest complaint this season like mine, join me and donate $10 this Thanksgiving to save the life of two children in Africa from malaria.

To donate, simply text SWAT to 85944 to help end malaria deaths by providing $10 for a treated mosquito net.  Or visit our site at to donate online.

Thank you…and happy Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy of Malevolent Design