Seven Compelling Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Content MarketingNo matter which industry your business belongs to, you can’t ignore the power of interactive content.

Brands across the world leverage content marketing to gain popularity and boost business.

From a business perspective, a website is a primary marketing tool because it lets a brand connect with its potential customers and prospects.

And organizations do it with the aid of interactive content such as infographics, videos, podcasts, and webinars.

Though marketers have a love/hate relationship with infographics, there are plenty of valid reasons to use them in your content marketing.

Websites grab the first spot as the most effective channel for customer engagement with 66 percent of marketers voting for it, which closely precedes mobile that stands at 58 percent.

So the question is what makes a website worth visiting?

Enticing design, friendly user interface (UI), or interactive content?

Typically we visit a website to get information or find a solution, not to praise its design.

Though, once you find the relevant content, design and UI help you decide whether you stay or leave.

A happy marriage of good content and design is what you need to aim to achieve.

Without a doubt, it is interactive content that makes a website worth visiting because interactive content is the future of content marketing.

Otherwise, the web is piled up with millions of websites with bumfuzzle content.

According to an article published on Bulldog Reporter, around 65 percent of Americans think the content they see on the web is “unreliable.”

On the contrary, search engines such as Google are constantly striving to provide the most accurate results to online users to make web experience even better because…

It’s a Content Marketing World

No matter which form the content is in, you consume a lot of it every day.

From the articles you read, podcasts you listen to, and videos you watch, it’s all content.

After all, content is ubiquitous!

In a single day,

Having access to the glut of information, people have become voracious when it comes to making the most of the internet.

We begin our days checking notifications on our phones.

While scrolling down news feeds on a mobile device, we come across a variety of content and end up consuming a small fraction of that vastness.

Why? We find those few posts intriguing, relatable, and useful!

Infographics: A Brief Intro

To influence today’s online competitive space, brands across the world use infographics because they make a content piece interesting, relevant, and practical.

Infographics offer an enticing way of presenting content to the audience.

It is a self-explanatory term which means presenting information graphically.

Whether it is telling about your brand story or building engagement to make brand viral, infographics embed with your brand logo is the key to winning attention in your niche.

Explore the rise of the infographics to understand their significance.

See 100 best infographics to get a better idea.

Now, let’s take a glance at the reasons to use them in content marketing in 2017.

Makes Content Compelling and Addictive

All efforts are worthwhile if a brand gets the engagement it was expecting.

No matter how well your content is written, your readers may feel bored if they constantly get content in the form of plain text.

Therefore, produce infographics to make your content intriguing and valuable.

You can’t deny the fact that infographics have great capability to attract attention.

People love reading facts, figures, and statistics in graphical format.

Therefore, do add some compelling images along with well research content to make your content addictive!

Makes Content Easily Ingestible

In this fast-paced world, everyone is running short on time.

We want solutions, but in minimum or no time.

For this, infographics are pretty useful as they contain information graphically which is not only easy to digest, but also covers a vast information in a succinct form.

While browsing through several websites, it is impossible for a reader to retain everything he/she reads, but because of their visual nature, infographics help retain information.

Makes Content Viral

Infographics are visually attractive and cover a large amount of information in a concise manner, and this makes them preferable over ordinary text.

Online users who read information through infographics are likely to share them on social networks.

Therefore, if you produce content in the form of infographics, their chances of getting shared on social media platforms are higher in 2017.

Boosts Website Traffic

As explained above, infographics motivate people to share your content over different social media platforms.

So, strive to present content in the form of infographics to make your content piece go viral.

Virality leads to traffic.

Traffic increases the chances of lead generation and conversion, and this is what complements and makes your content marketing efforts worthwhile in 2017.

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Increases Your Subscribers and Followers

As we know, infographics make content valuable.

If you begin using them in your content marketing, it will make you a credible source of information.

As a result of which, more people will start following your website which in turn will boost your subscribers’ list and followers.

Complements SEO

Yes! Infographics push your website in search engines.

Due to the viral nature of infographics, you have more links to your site.

And Google will consider your site a good source of information and index your site higher.

Therefore, leverage infographics in 2017 for SEO benefits.

Establishes You as an Expert in Your Niche

Despite all positive points, creating infographics is not a cakewalk!

It requires a lot of research to create something beneficial for your prospects.

However, all the efforts you put to create a graphically appealing and well-researched informative content ultimately place you as an expert in your niche which enhances your credibility in the market.  

To create visually appealing infographics, you can use sites such as Canva, Picktochart,,, and

In the End

So, what about you?

Have you ever tried infographics?

If not, you are missing out on their exceptional benefits.

In 2017, start delivering content in the form of infographics to witness a surge in web traffic.

Further, it makes your brand viral by making you a reliable source of information.

You can’t deny that in today’s context, interactive content such as infographics are the only key ingredient to rule digital!

Abhyudaya Tripathi

Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with more than eight years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst-Pay for Performance SEO Company. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing.

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