The PESO Model Image

2020 PESO Model Graphic

Woohoo! If you are here it means you are a smart, forward-thinking communicator who loves the PESO model as much as we do and you want to share it with others.

We get super pumped when people share the PESO model and copyrighted graphic.

Maybe you are sharing it in a presentation?

Maybe you want to put it in a blog post?

Maybe you are using it to explain to a client or potential client how you work? (Pssst… if you include PESO as part of your process, you probably want to get certified. Learn how you can become a PESO model certified professional HERE.)

Whatever the reason, yay! Go forth and prosper but please follow the rules. Remember, using the PESO model image without credit OR adapting it as your own is theft. 

The PESO Model Image

If you would like to use the PESO model graphic, you may download it here under Creative Commons. This means you must give Spin Sucks credit for it and you are not allowed to change it, either to match your brand colors or to represent the work you do. It’s a copyrighted image and must be presented as is.

We do monitor for this. If we find you using the PESO model image in violation of these terms we will hunt you down (and we say that in the most gracious and charming way). 

But for all you ethical communicators out there! Here you go!

If you have questions or concerns around the proper use of the PESO model, please reach out to Laura Petrolino at

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Want to learn more about how to use the PESO model? Start here –> How to Implement the PESO Model. 


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