Be a Guest Blogger

Be a Guest Blogger

Do you want to contribute to Spin Sucks?

We are always excited to meet new people with innovative ideas and new ways of looking at the world, but we don’t accept content submissions willy-nilly.

Why contribute to Spin Sucks?

Why contribute? First off, so you can be part of the ever-growing Spin Sucks community. Our writers and guest contributors are the reason we are considered one of the best resources for PR, marketing, and communications professionals online.

Secondly, because if you’ve taken the Content Secrets for Closing More Clients Bootcamp or Masterclass, the Modern Blogging Masterclass, or you have read The Communicator’s Playbook: A Step-by-Step Process for Implementing an Integrated PESO Model Program, you know how important it is for SEO, your domain authority, and, generally, your PESO model, to guest post and have other sites with great domain authority pointing back to your own.

Don’t take our word for it…

Have a poke around the blog, and get to know our incredible group of contributors.

Read their bios. Consider why they write for us, what viewpoints or particular talents they bring to the table, and how you compare.

Even better? Join our Slack Community to get that insiders view of what we’re all about. Upgrade to the Spin Sucks PR Dream Team if you really want to supercharge your marketing or communications plan.

Next Steps

If you think you’re a fit, please complete our brief guest blogger submission form, including an email address that is linked to a Gravatar account.

Guest Blogging Tips & Helpful Resources

Not sure what to write about? Need some inspiration or support? Here are some resources that will help:

Submission Guidelines

But wait! Before you hit submit on the form or start drafting your post, let’s go over a few submission guidelines.

Spin Sucks Submission Guidelines

As you know, we like to have fun here at Spin Sucks, but we also temper that relaxed atmosphere by consistently delivering valuable information: The latest trends, hottest topics, and some often controversial analysis on events from the worlds of PR, digital marketing, communications, and social media.

Specifically, we are always looking for new content on the following topics. Please note, that when we list “professional development and education” or “productivity” we expect submissions to discuss those topics in the context of PR, marketing and communications.

  • Client Service
  • Trends: PR, marketing, communication, content, social media and technology
  • Community building and management
  • Crisis communication
  • Entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, freelancing, small and boutique business challenges
  • PR, marketing, communication agency best practices
  • Professional development
  • Lifelong learning/education
  • Content (strategy, creation, editing, calendars)
  • Measurement
  • Planning
  • Tools: PR, marketing, communication, and content tools that make your process easier, improves your productivity and generally makes you better at your job (like Slack!)
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Virtual/remote work
  • Writing

We expect original, unpublished*, high-quality work, and we welcome opinion and/or controversy–but you better be prepared to back it up, both within the body of the article (with links to research, etc.) as well as in the comments.

Trust us, our vibrant and engaged community will not hesitate to debate or challenge you. In a nice way, of course.

Further to that, we require all our contributors be available upon publication (12:00 p.m. CT) to respond to all comments left on their article. We require guest bloggers respond to every commenter. If they don’t, we don’t invite them back.

We also ask you actively share your post within your own social networks.

Your content should be 1,000 words long, at a minimum. On occasion we accept up to 2,000 words—but only if it’s incredible!

Please include links to your personal social media properties, blog/websites, etc, as well as a short bio, and the email address affiliated with your Gravatar account.

If you don’t have a Gravatar account yet, it’s easy to set up. Just Google it, and they’ll walk you through the process.

Finally, any pictures or screen grabs you embed in your content should also be sent as separate JPEGs. We are serious about ethical content usage and ask you only embed images you’ve created, or that you have written permission from the creator to publish with your post.

Please do not publish your article on other blogs or websites until 30 days have passed from your Spin Sucks publication date.

Now you’re ready to pitch your content. Make an effort to build a relationship with the Spin Sucks team online. We receive many pitches throughout the day and it’s more likely we’ll delete the ones from the people we don’t know.

You might not get a response right away. We tend to have a four-week waiting period, so please be patient. Do follow-up with Mike Connell, who manages our blog guest contributors, but please, wait at least three weeks. And the old “I’m going to email him and cc Gini!” trick only serves to make all of us cranky.

When the 30 days is up after your publication date, and you republish on your own site, make sure you include a sentence–at the start or end–that says, “This originally appeared on Spin Sucks”  and link to the original piece.

That helps the search engines understand it’s repurposed and not duplicate content that’s been scraped illegally.

Still have questions? Make sure and ask Whitney ( when you reach out to him. He knows all.

Good luck!

*We do not accept dual submissions or publish content that’s been previously published. If you submit your post elsewhere after you’ve submitted it to Spin Sucks, you will be removed from consideration for your current and future posts.