Book IdeasI recently wrote an article explaining why everyone should write a book.

Really, it was more about the exercise of writing a book.

The process.

Committing to it.

Getting over our fears.

Learning about ourselves.

As the comments came in, and we started thinking about it more, the question stopped being “Should you write a book?” and became “Yes, you should, but what are your book ideas?”

In an industry where we write a lot, present a lot, and build expertise in our respective areas, book ideas present themselves to us every day.

So, in the spirit of the NaNoWriMo finishing up, the Big Question is:

Book ideas: What book do you want to write?

Write for the Sake of Writing

Out of the gate, Sally Srok didn’t provide us with her book idea, but she did want to provide some advice:

I have one piece of advice for would-be authors: if you have a story you want to tell, you should tell it. Write for the sake of writing, and publish for the sake of sharing your message.

When my first book, The New Jew: An Unexpected Conversion, was published, I had realized a lifelong dream of becoming an author. The biggest reward was in the writing process. The second biggest reward was knowing I had touched the lives of others through my writing.

My second book, Singular, should be published next year.

As a success coach, I support the dreams of others, believing fully that their dreams are a reflection of their talents. I say, if you have a book in you, get a writing coach, join a writer’s group, be willing to be mediocre on the way to being great, and write!

Book Ideas: Selling a Business

From Hannah Paramore:

What happens to make a business owner willing to sell a business with her name on it?

Selling a business is hard. The process focuses only on the black and white facts of your business, not the shadows and color of the love and experiences and impact you’ve had. *Deciding* to sell your business is even harder. It is an emotional process caused by the painful journey of business ownership.

The book I am writing is about *why* you sell your business, not *how.*

The Gooey Middle

Bill Hughes wants to write a book about the challenges that keep us from being all we can be:

Anytime you want to improve, you know where you are, you know where you want to be, and the space between the two is where you have to traverse. I call that journey the Gooey Middle.

For example, I know that I am overweight. I know what weight I need to be. Getting through the Gooey Middle to where I want to be will be a mess, to say the least. I know the amount of work, pain, challenge, and stress it will be to get to where I need to be.

The challenge of the Gooey Middle is what keeps most from being where they should.

Book Ideas: Demons and Imposters

Stephanie Hall has two book ideas on deck:

I would love to publish a book I’m working on that is a work of fiction regarding a minister who has lost his faith, a series of demonic possessions and a bunch of angels in rehab on earth.

I’d also like to publish an advice book called No One Knows What They Are Doing that helps with confidence issues and explains that all the professionals around you never know exactly what they are doing 100 percent of the time.

It would also deal with ‘imposter syndrome’ in the workplace. I’ve spoken to numerous people about this, and I have personally experienced it myself and refused to take management roles because of it.

It wasn’t until I realized that not everyone knows what they’re doing that I felt confident enough to take up a role in a managerial position.

Book Ideas: The PR Dream Team:

From Gayle Joseph:

I would love to write and illustrate a children’s book.

Jayme Soulati:

OK, I’ll bite. I’ve already self-published a book + e-book for business and my other hobby is gems.

So, “The Jewelry Lovers Guide to Gem Markets of the World.”

I’ve hit Thailand, Hong Kong, Florence, Dubai, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC.

Paula Kiger has a number of book ideas lurking inside:

  • A “humor” book along the lines of “Go the F*ck to Sleep” except for elder people who won’t go to bed vs. children
  • Something about Camp Gordon Johnston
  • I’d also like to write about caregiving and/or a book of brief thoughts/meditations that can be for hospice people who are emotionally exhausted. They can read it and take a brief mental break.

Book Ideas: The Spin Sucks Slack Community:

Although I’ve never met Howie Goldfarb in the flesh, I feel I’ve learned a lot about him from his regular participation in The Big Question. As a result, his book ideas don’t shock me:

Fear and Loathing and Beyond – my autobiography of 25 years of bad craziness and epic adventures.

Or How I kicked Hunter S. Thompson’s butt! ?

And, finally, even though we normally don’t let our Spin Sucks team members weigh in… #becauselaurapetrolino:

I’m answering this one. I plan on writing a book that looks at the major effect women have had on legislation through their roles as wives/lovers through American history.

From Benedict Arnold’s British wife, to Will Taft’s ambitious wife, to Eleanor Roosevelt (who was actually asked to run for office and played a HUGE part in FDR’s legislation), and so on…

And there we have it. LOTS of book ideas.

Hopefully, they’ll all make it out of this post and onto the printed page.

Feel free to add more to the comments below.

If you need help with your writing, or you are keen to join a community of like-minded writers and would-be writers, let us know.

Perhaps the PR Dream Team can help you get it done!

Next Time…On the Big Question

NaNoWriMo has come to a close and many writers and would-be authors are 50,000 words closer to their goal(s)!

Congrats to any and all who competed.

It’s nice and, in many cases, very necessary, to have that kind of motivation to get us where we are trying to go.

Sometimes competition is key.

Or peer support.

Maybe you need a coach or a lesson plan to follow.

Perhaps there are apps and tools that keep you going.

The next Big Question Asks:

How do you stay motivated?

You can answer here, in our free Slack community, or on the socials (use #SpinSucksQuestion so we can find you).

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