I continue meeting really great people on Twitter. Following are a few new friends and few  old ones, as well.

@julito77 Julio is, by far, one of the best people in real life and on the social networks. He started V5, an arm of his family’s company, a few months ago and has already launched it into the big leagues. Watching his success is both exciting and fun. He’s a guy you want to see succeed because he’s so likeable. And, if you engage with him on Twitter, he will talk to you…no matter how busy he is or how many other people he’s talking to. Try it; it’s worth it.

@BMAMan I’ve known Blair for a few years in real life and introduced him to Twitter nearly a year ago. I always joke he should be my agent because, if he’s in a meeting I’m in, and I’m presenting, he knows how to take what I’ve said and tell people they’d be stupid not to hire Arment Dietrich…without saying the word stupid. It’s actually quite amazing to watch. He’s a Baby Boomer CEO who gets communication and how the Internet is changing how we do our jobs. He’s worth a follow…even though he tells really bad jokes.

@PattiKnight Patti is my lifeblood. Without her, none of what I do would be possible. Two years ago, my Vistage Chair told me it was time to hire myself an assistant. I couldn’t fathom a) what an assistant would do that I can’t do for myself and b) how I would pay her because she’s no billable. Now I don’t know how I lived without her. There isn’t anything she can’t, or won’t, do. Follow her…especially if you ever want access to me. She is your friend. And I think she even takes bribes.

@swapontherun What is Swap On the Run, you ask? Well, I asked Scott that very question and he told me he’s building a little business that allows runners to swap, trade, or exchange equipment with other runners. So then I asked about cyclists and he said it’s in the plan (yay!). Check out the Web site here and give Scott a follow.

@MimiMeredith Mimi might, very well, be one of the kindest people on earth…with a GREAT sense of humor. She wrote “Blooming Where You’re Planted” and she’s a speaker and newly minted Vistage member. She’s on a mission to help all of us have better work/life balance, and finding ways to enjoy what it is we do in our worlds. Check out The Goodness Grows here and give her a follow.

@AbLars I met Abby at a speaking engagement I had a couple of months ago. She was not shy about coming up to me, introducing herself, and telling me she follows me on Twitter. Since then, I’ve learned she is full of life, passion, and optimism. She works for Dale Carnegie and is pushing the organization to move toward more social engagement with their audiences. She’s worth a follow because she will put a smile on your face if you’re having a bad day.

@JaimieField My new friend Jaimie is quickly becoming one of my favorites. She’s a New York sports girl, through and through (but don’t hold that against her – if I can get past it, you can too). And she’s another friend who left the law world to coach attorneys still at it how to make rain. She is funny, she isn’t afraid to push some buttons, and you’ll really like following her.

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