I’m sitting here eating Girl Scout cookies, Peanut Butter Patties to be exact, and I’m thinking to myself how lucky I was this year that somebody’s child at my boyfriend’s work was selling them.  I was in Girl Scouts for half my life and once I moved to Chicago it was the end of cookies for me.  Not because I was trying to avoid them, but they weren’t coming to me!


When I was little my mom would make me go door-to-door every day after school and both Saturday and Sunday during cookie season, (which is the dead of winter I might add!)  And I HATED it!  We didn’t have Internet then, only hand warmers and snow pants.


So why is it taking so long for these cookies to be on sale online?


Kurt Soller’s Newsweek article says the “Girl Scout Cookie Program bills itself as the largest program to teach entrepreneurship to young girls”.  So what’s more entrepreneurial than taking your cookie sales to online methods?


One eight-year-old did just that with a cute, but awkward, YouTube video selling her cookies.  As a former Girl Scout with green and white blood, I can argue both sides.  But I am happy this girl decided to step-up the competitive game.


If Shelley Long can resort to new methods in Troop Beverly Hills, why can’t these girls?


What are your thoughts?