Who thought Facebook was just a social network for teenagers keeping up with one another through messaging, funny photos, and even videos? The social network should not be held to those limits or categorized as well. Facebook was created for one thing, a way to keep in touch in a new technology form, yet it is used for multiple things that were not in the initial plans. Companies are using it for new business networking, promoting their brand name, and even employment filtering – better think twice about your binge soda drinking photos! The versatility has only allowed the Facebook nation to grow and grow and grow.

But the limits of the popular network Web site don’t stop at the business level; the police are now using Facebook. New Zealand police posted on a page of their own photos and video images for a technology lineup to identify the suspect – fascinating. What better way to keep witnesses anonymous about tracking down a 21-year-old safe burglar. The chances of someone knowing him from Facebook are endless rather than to hope someone walks or calls in anonymous to verify the suspect.
Often times Facebook is perceived or targeted at a younger crowd understandably so, but don’t be fooled. The social networking Web site is advancing right along with everything else and when you’re interviewing for jobs or in this case stealing money keep in mind that Facebook is not just a Web site for laughs, it’s used by all professions.