Editor’s note: Molli was really looking forward to this session because she wanted to better understand how fashion bloggers maintain an audience (and the pace) when things change so quickly.

Why fashion? Because everyone wears clothes.

The only thing good about the AOL StyleList speaker was when she said “if you like it, you should put a link on it”. Next please.

JustJared.com – at least this guy looked the part, but I didn’t learn much. One thing about photos is that if you  are posting a lot of pictures on your blog, monetize them and link them back to stores or ecommerce sites.

StyleFeeder.com – the point of a blog is to help people find what they are looking for more quickly. One thing cool she talked about was finding out where your new visitors are coming from. You can use that information and tailor your posts to geographic trends. Page views are not important; it is the unique visitors you should care about.

We know that traditional editors are never going to go away but will soon be working closer with the bloggers. This is an interesting industry where bloggers are actually influencing the designers.

Fashionista – one thing I learned from this past Forbes writer, is that in print, headlines are important and help sell magazines, but that does not resonate online. Cute titles are loved, but it’s the news within each post that gets you that second time visitor. AND comment on your own blog and engage with those that are commenting with you.

NewYorkGirlStyle.com – run Twitter campaigns that link back to your blog. Video is huge and interconnect it through all your channels. Overall trend, don’t care so much about page views if they are not unique. And watch for layered necklaces, snake jewelry, and lace-up heels.