Leo Widrich is the co-founder of a new Twitter App called BufferApp, which allows you to tweet more fresh content without annoying your followers.

Getting noticed on Twitter isn’t always easy. If your stream is anything like mine there are lots of tweets rushing by and competing for your attention all the time. How do you stay relevant, and make yourself heard above the noise?

How can you make your content fresh and clickable for your followers?

Following are a few techniques that have worked well for me. 

  1. Get into content production mode: I think of my tweets as small blog posts. I usually spend 30 minutes a day writing tweets, which I then schedule for the coming days. Taking the time to really think about your tweets allows you to give them dedicated attention and will raise the quality of your tweets. Whenever I get into this “content production mode” I can think about better headlines and bring up my copy to the level my followers deserve.
  2. Edit post titles and make them more personal. I like to create my own headlines when I am tweeting articles. This means I am not adding the 532nd retweet of this post, but I actually provide a filtered source of content. I try to turn it into an opportunity to ask a question or share my opinion. It helps to kick off more engagement, especially if it is news that most people have already heard about.
  3. Bring others into the conversation: If you find an article and  are reminded about a conversation or a particular field of interest from one of your followers, why not put a cc into the tweet? This will not only increase the interaction, but it also shows that you care and are thinking about the people in your community.
  4. Add comments to retweets: Making tweets fresh and sweet for followers largely relies on putting a personal face to them. When I first started on Twitter I was lazy and just hit the RT button. That doesn’t always do much other than give the recipient an extra push.  A more thoughtful way  is to edit the retweet, adding a little comment or note of appreciation. Why are you sharing this tweet? Why do you think your followers will appreciate it?  It will only take a few seconds to do it, yet it gives you a chance to create a more unique personality.
  5. Retweet @ replies: Every so often I engage in a great conversation with someone and their reply is just too valuable to be read only by myself. Retweeting great mentions is another way to let others take part in your conversations and extend the reach of your voice. It  gives your followers a fresh and instant glimpse of what you are up to, which makes for a very inviting attitude I found.

These are a few things I am trying to do consistently to avoid Twitter boredom and create a fresh stream for my followers.

How about you? Do you have any tips to share to make our tweets stand out and reach more of our audience?

Let’s discuss it below.

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Leo Widrich is the co-founder of a new Twitter App called BufferApp, which allows you to tweet more fresh content without annoying your followers.  He blogs more Twitter tips here. Say hi anytime.