We clearly have a pretty active and vocal community here at Spin Sucks. But I look at our analytics every day and see it’s a very small percentage of visitors who are doing the majority of commenting.

That’s natural, and I have no problem with that. It doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t always been curious about the rest of you.

There has been much discussion on blog commenting in the past few weeks.

Check out these other resources if you haven’t already:

That’s when I decided the time was right to blog about first-time commenters.

Then Monday John Falchetto must have gotten access to my hard drive and taken a draft of the post because I echo his thoughts completely. So lets talk about HOW to Lose Your Commenting Virginity.

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to make your first comment and how we like to save ourselves for the right moment. But what does that moment look like? And how do you make that big first step?

It hasn’t been that long for me and I know the reasons why we don’t comment well:

  • I was too busy. It takes time to comment. Maybe you’re reading it on your phone which is even more difficult and time consuming. I like to read, learn, and click on.
  • I feel stupid. Seriously, sometimes I look at the comments section and it’s a clique of people who are busy whipping each other up into this intellectual frenzy. I am way too intimidated to pop in and say hey y’all, really? WOW, this is great, thank you!!
  • No value to add. This sort of hand in hand in with the “I feel stupid” point. I just don’t have anything of real value.

Well, you do, believe it or not (have something to add). I can understand if you are too busy. That’s going to happen – I read plenty of blogs every day and don’t take the time to comment on each one. Like an NPR listener, if you’re reading something regularly, you should at least take the time now and again to jump in and “pledge” –  just let us know you are out there, sign the guest book so to speak.

Five Ways to Comment (aka Guide to Jumping Boldly into the Conversation):

  1. Introduction comment: I’ve been reading your blog for a long time (X months), this is my first time commenting, and this made an impression on me because…
  2. Where have you been all my life comment: Wow, this is my first time reading your blog, how have I not known about this? Thanks for the great info here, this in particular had an effect and here is why:
  3. Ask a question: Still have a question? Absolutely do not be afraid to ask. All these other know-it-alls in the comment section, (whom I love dearly!), represent a small percentage of the total readership here. You are in great company with others who have the same question.
  4. Life/work application: Share the idea that hit you as you read it. Copy and paste the statement that made you think of it and do something like, I love this because: Tell us how you are going to use this information to solve your problems, so others can benefit from that. This is part of what makes the comments section a beautiful place.
  5. Share your reaction: Agree, disagree, learned something new, have something to add. Share a bit about yourself and why you had that reaction.

Many bloggers claim they don’t write for their readers. So then, why a blog? Why not just write in your diary on your bedside table?

Getting more comments is not the goal of this post. Getting to know you is. And yes, I’ll still respect you in the morning! So go on, tell us about your first time.

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Gini Dietrich

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