I have super exciting news!

Well, it might not be news for all of you because you’ve probably seen her around here or are already working with her, but it’s official, official so now I can share.

Allen Mireles has joined our team as vice president aka client service extraordinaire aka super strategic thinker aka resident Pollyanna.

Resident Pollyanna? What?

It’s true. Allen is probably the kindest person on earth…or at least in my world. I’ve never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone. In fact, you feel guilty venting any frustration to her because she sees the good in everyone. I’ll bet she could even find good in the devil (well, red does look good on him, she would say).

Not only is she our very own Pollyanna (you’re going to really hate her in a second), she’s extremely passionate about her work. She gets really excited about doing good work, bringing new ideas, and helping clients grow. She gets almost as excited about numbers as I do (I’m over-the-top).

She is experienced and respects people’s roles and responsibilities. She loves working under pressure and tight deadlines. She always says, “This is what makes life interesting.” (See, Pollyanna!)

And now she’s ours!

On the personal front, she has two sons in their 20s (her son, Gabriel, is making his first Gin and Topics debut at noon today) and her husband, Jesse, is an award-winning graphic designer and artist. He’s extremely talented and is, in fact, creating genius work as I write this to show (and sell) in galleries. You never know…maybe you’ll someday own a Mireles that is worth a gazillion dollars.

As for Allen, you’ll find her in the comments, you’ll find her blog posts here every other Wednesday, and you can find her on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, on our Facebook page, and on her own blog.

I think she already knows what she’s in for, but you can warn her anyway. Welcome, Allen!

Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder, CEO, and author of Spin Sucks, host of the Spin Sucks podcast, and author of Spin Sucks (the book). She is the creator of the PESO Model and has crafted a certification for it in partnership with Syracuse University. She has run and grown an agency for the past 15 years. She is co-author of Marketing in the Round, co-host of Inside PR, and co-host of The Agency Leadership podcast.

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