#Follow Friday: Follow the DreamersBy Chuck Kent

I must admit that I like the ever-popular “follow your bliss” yammering about as much as I like a standard, facile, flaccid #FollowFriday (versus the #FF thing practiced here, thank you, or that marvelous #SocialSong Saturday started by whatshisname.)

Likewise, I typically despise the torrent of pseudo-inspiration available at every turn on social media (as I like to say, if all you tweet are aphorisms, you’re just making yourself an apphole).

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the notion of how we do and don’t follow our dreams – how that informs our work and lives – after Gini Dietrich’s wonderfully simple “Best Childhood Dream Jobs” post, and the tremendous response to it.

People – a couple hundred of you at least – quickly laid bare your childhood souls in response to what, frankly, I thought was a simple help-me-crowdsource-my-next-post-before-I-go-on-vacation request on her Facebook page. Oh, yes, the responses are all good fun, but, I think, are also telling.

Why the Dreamers Matter

  • If you speak to people’s dreams, they will follow, just as we all follow along here.
  • Our dreams, pursued or not, continue to speak to us.

Dream Big

So, rather than clutter the comments section of the aforementioned post with my thoughts, I decided to put them in a song called “Dream Big.”

I challenge you to see if you can identify all of the dreamers pictured in the video – and the first one who does correctly identify them by their Twitter handles will receive a free copy of Spin Sucks (the book), purchased and provided by yours truly.

And lest you think that I am diverging too far from the function of #FollowFriday, the good folks at Arment Dietrich have built a Twitter list of everyone in the video, so you can follow these dreamers, too.

C’mon… what better time than the new year to Dream Big?

Chuck Kent

Chuck Kent is on a mission to make content marketing more creative and less “me too.” He is a brand strategist, writer and content creator, and creative director of Creative on Call, one of earliest virtual “non-agencies.” Previously a senior creative at BBDO, he writes about branding, content creation and their intersection, both on his own blog and as a contributing editor/author for Branding Magazine. He even sings about it in his weekly retort to #FollowFriday, #SocialSong Saturday.

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