To say Ingrid Abboud is a riot would be putting it mildly. She’s a mess of insanity wrapped up in a ball of fun. I mean, F-U-N! And we all know how much I like fun people. So that is why today’s #FollowFriday is Ingrid Abboud.

I don’t remember how I met Ingrid (some social network to be sure), but I am so happy I did! She writes a blog called Nitty Griddy she calls “a kinda social media journal.” The blog just celebrated its one year blogoversary so you’ll have to pop over there and congratulate her…or it!

But what I love most about her blog is the SuperPost Sunday wrap-up she does every week. People say I write a lot of content. I am nothing compared to what she pulls together every Sunday. It’s really all you need – she does all of the heavy lifting for you. I mean, all of the heavy lifting.

She is a prolific writer (i.e. she writes really long comments) and does it in a way that is entertaining, humorous, sarcastic, and off-kilter. We invited her to guest blog for Spin Sucks and she just HAD to rub in that she couldn’t write for us until after her vacation to Paris, where she “used to live” so she “knows all the non-touristy things to do.” Blah, blah, blah.  I told her she could have a deadline extension if she took me with her. I don’t think she knows I’m serious.

This holiday video that Danny Brown and Troy Claus did at Bonsai Interactive sums her up nicely. I suggest watching the whole thing just because it’s cool, but you can fast forward to :47 to see what I mean (and if you want to make fun of me, start at :37).

So follow Ingrid on Twitter. Read her blog. And get to know her. I promise she’ll have you spitting coffee at your computer screen at least once a day (cough, no pressure, Nitty Griddy!).

Gini Dietrich

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