#FollowFriday: James HalloranBy Gini Dietrich

Happy Friday, all!

Please allow me to introduce you to one Mr. James Halloran.

He is a blogging editorial assistant at Brand.com, a writer, and a model.

And a model he is indeed. Visit the portfolio page on his website and you’ll see lots of photos from many professional shoots (including the one I used for the image of this post from John Clum Photography).

He’s represented by Wilhelmina PA, an affiliate of Wilhelmina Models in New York, LA and Miami. So yeah, kind of a big deal.

But he’s not just a pretty face. His blog is full of writing about interesting things such as how to know if you’re being “catfished,” modeling myths debunked, and exercise and fitness.

In fact, he launched a second blog called, “The Core Grip,” that focuses taking care of your body through both exercise and nutrition (apparently sugar is bad…who knew?).

A Philly boy, he once served as a communications liaison for the Canadian Embassy’s Emergency Response and Preparedness Group (ERPG). There he was responsible for coordinating internal communications amongst members from U.S. Health and Human Services, FEMA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and several others.

As Spin Sucks readers well know, anyone who supports my favorite Canadians is a star in my book!

He went to school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English and journalism and graduated magna cum laude. He proves English majors can have successful careers that don’t require reading and writing (oh wait…never mind).

He’s a hockey player (that ICE hockey to you, Ms. Bell), a scholar, and an overachiever.

Come hang out in the comments. Introduce yourself to James. Follow him online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his blog. Get to know him, his writing, and his motivations. You won’t regret it.

Gini Dietrich

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