Try to say that last name five times fast! Jason Konopinski. I think I’ve got it. Konopinski, Konopinski, Konopinski, Konopinski, Konopinski. It’s much easier to type.

I met Jason through the interwebs are few months ago and he’s quickly become one of my favorite people (I know, I know. I have a lot of favorite people). But he’s one of my favorite because he has NO problem making fun of me. I have four brothers and he makes me miss them less.

Which is good, because I’m about to tell you something that I cannot let go.

He cries. At movies.

At Steel Magnolias.

Hey Marcus Sheridan! I think I’ve found your soulmate. The two of you can cry at Steel Magnolias and practice the lift in Dirty Dancing.

He also starts some interesting conversation. While I was flying home last night, with GoGo in-flight (yay!), he and I had an interesting conversation about anonymity on the web. He asked if you’re anonymous if it makes you more innovative or if it stifles your creativity.

You can join that conversation on his blog here.

His day job is as content editor at Correctnicity, a site where you can predict the future. It’s still in beta, but (from what I can tell) it’s employing some of the business gaming dynamics we discussed here earlier this week.

It’s pretty cool. They pose a question, such as “Will Rupert Murdoch resign his CEO post?”, and you can vote. You earn points for being right, which keeps you coming back for more.

Hey Jason? What do the points get you?

In his personal time, he likes to cook and he plays music, but doesn’t know how to read a note (that’s sheer talent). And he’s an interesting thinker; a thinker you should get to know.

So follow him on Twitter, subscribe to and read his blog, and check out Correctnicity. After all, we all like to be right…and earn points while being so.

Oh and P.S. Get us a photo where we can see your face! Please and thank you.

Gini Dietrich

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