@mbernier I’ve just recently met Matt on Twitter, but he lives in Denver so you know we’ve become quick friends. He started a team on Movember.com, an organization designed to change the face of men’s health. The men involved are growing out their beards for the charity and women are helping to raise money and spread the word. Check out the site and donate, if you can, in the name of cancer.

@ChicagoDiane I had dinner with Diane a couple of weeks ago at my favorite Chicago-style pizza restaurant, Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (if you come to Chicago and want deep dish, go there!). She is an absolute pleasure who you have no problem talking to because she’s so engaging. When she made @julito77’s Chicago #FollowFriday list, she was the only one on there I hadn’t yet met in real life. I saved the best for last!

@LynnKehler Lynn lives in Colorado Springs and, those who know me really well, know how envious I am of where he lives!  He also is a Vistage member and a cyclist, who also mountain bikes (who wouldn’t, living where he lives?). I love following him because I get to satisfy my homesickness with his photos and stories of being outside. Plus, he is the CEO of Westone, which makes THE BEST earphones on the face of this earth. I thought my BOSE earphones were nice. Nope. Not after you listen to your iPod with Westones. Put them on your Christmas list. Trust me on this.

@KaseyCrabtree I met Kasey through @ChicagoDiane because she was looking for some help for her dad, who is a Vistage Chair. Since then, we’ve become fast Twitter friends. She’s a salesperson by trade, but she should do social media or community building for a company; she’s that good. I’m having lunch with her today – I’ll let you know what she’s like in real life later!

@badleader Just the very name of his Twitter handle is enough to want to follow him. We all know bad leaders and have stories about them. He’s created a project allowing people to tell their stories (with a few rules) and he’s turning it into a novel. Something we all can learn from in order to become better leaders, managers, and colleagues.

@EconomyHeroes The sole purpose of Steve’s Twitter stream is to recognize people and companies who are doing things to change the economy and to continue thriving through bad times. He finds great stories about leaders at small- and mid-sized businesses who are changing the business world, one day at a time. He’s a great follow because you find very inspirational stories.

@Los2911 Carlos is just a fun guy who likes to rub it in that it’s freezing in Chicago and warm in Orlando. He’s a PR guy who gets social media and blogs about life, work, surfing, and Sammy, his dog. He’s worth the follow, just to hear about the adventures with Sammy. Not so much if you live somwhere that surfing is not an option year-round.

@KerBehr I met Kerri through @KevinVandever because they work together at Behr. Kerri is charged with their social media and has been pushing through the path of resistance to get her company on board…and it’s working! She grew up in Cleveland and is a huge fan of their sports. Try not to hold that against her.

@VemmaNewhouse Troy is another Twitter friend of mine who rides, which is how we found one another. He lives in Springfield (not too far away) and I get to meet him IRL today! He’s almost more of a health nut than I am. He sells Vemma, which is a supplement for both kids and adults and swears by its effectiveness.

@Cyclone89 You’re going to begin seeing a trend – I have lots of Twitter friends in Colorado. Todd lives in Colorado Springs and he’s a Vistage member. And he loves his Westone earphones as much as I love mine. And he likes to rub it in that he lives in the mountains, but I try not to hold that against him.

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