I know you all have gotten used to meeting a new member of our team on Fridays, but alas. We haven’t hired anyone new in a week.

So, instead, I’d like to introduce you to Ralph Dopping.

I first met Ralph in the comments here, but then I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting him in person in Toronto when I was there speaking at SocialMix.

OK. I’m going to be completely honest. I really loved meeting Ralph, but I also got to meet his wife (Janine Grossmann) and let’s just say she is definitely his better half (and drop dead gorgeous).

But Ralph? He’s alright himself.

First, a little about his professional side. He’s an interior designer by trade working with architects and engineers. He works for DIALOG, an organization that helps Canada build more sustainable communities. In fact, Ralph is LEED certified, which means he’s the very best in sustainable and green work.

On the personal side, he’s a blogger. On The View from Here, he talks a little bit about everything, including books you should be reading (Read this Stuff), how design and architecture affect all of our lives, what this whole digital world is about, and he even provides some really good leadership tips.

He has done a fantastic job of integrating other mediums, including videos, a quote of the week, and opportunities to contribute to his favorite causes.

Plus, he’s quite funny and he has no qualms about making fun of me (I’m sensing a trend with these #FollowFriday recommendations) so I like him lots.

There are many places you can check him out online, including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and his blog.

I highly recommend you do so…and read his blog. It’s different than the usual social media mumbo jumbo and there aren’t many people in his industry who are blogging about the digital web. You’ll gain a different perspective that I think is very valuable.

But today? Today say hello to him in the comments here.

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