#FollowFriday- Rob BiesenbachToday’s #FollowFriday is a new addition to the Spin Sucks community.

Rob Biesenbach has been hanging out in the comments for a few months now and just wrote his first guest post about storytelling last week.

In the post, he talked about how he learned to tell a story through writing from Second City.

Improv Helps Storytelling

This is both intriguing and terrifying to me. The idea the organization that trained comedians such as Tina Fey, John Belushi, Mike Myers, and Steve Carell can help you with your storytelling is intriguing, but getting up there on stage and have to be funny? No, thank you.

Of course, to hear Rob tell it, it’s less about being funny and more about being able to improvise and use what you have. While that’s still a terrifying thought, it does make sense it would help with your storytelling.

Still he’s a Second City trained actor, which is more than most of us can say. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see him on Saturday Night Live in the future and we can all say we knew him when!

We’re All in Show Biz

He’s not just a funny guy. He’s a communicator who worked for Ogilvy PR, but went out on his own nearly 15 years ago.

In his quest to end dull and boring communications, he wrote Act Like You Mean Business: Essential Communication Lessons from Stage and Screen, which provides tips, tools, and techniques to connect with emotion, express ideas visually, and tell better stories.

Like my good friend Martin Waxman, Rob believes we’re all in show biz and he’s out to teach you how to tweak your skills to use Hollywood- or Broadway-like techniques in your communications.

Where to Find Rob Biesenbach

A public speaker, a writer, a communicator, and a funny guy, I highly recommend you introduce yourself to Rob and get to know him.

You can find him on Twitter, Google+, on his blog, Amazon, LinkedIn, or on his “official” site where you can see fancy photos of him and learn he lives in Chicago with his allergies (me too).

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