Today’s guest post is written by Marijean Jaggers.

I’m not a person who gets writer’s (or blogger’s) block. The challenge of writing daily, however, sometimes leaves me less than enthusiastic about the content I’m creating. Hey, we all get a little stuck for fresh ideas every once in a while, right?

I’ve been paying attention to what gets my synapses firing again when it all gets a little stale. I thought I’d share four helpful actions to help myself and others find inspiration, again.

Four New Ways to Spark Blogging Inspiration

  1. Talk to a kid. Every once in a while, usually around the dinner table, I’ll share some client challenge or work-related issue with my kids. I’ve been astounded by their insight (my offspring are older; a teenager and young adult) even when they were younger. Sometimes their fresh perspective, unbiased, and unbound by cynicism gives me just the boost I need. It doesn’t matter if you talk to your own kids or borrow someone else’s for this activity. (If you need one, I may be willing to loan you one of mine.)
  2. Read, for a week or only a day if that’s all you can manage, only articles, blog posts, essays, and books recommended by others in your network.  Click through to links shared on Twitter or Facebook from people you trust and who may be reading content that is outside of your normal playlist. It’s not as easy as it sounds –especially because in doing this you will likely need to ignore your own Reader.
  3. Shut up. Make a concentrated effort to really listen to people when they talk to you. Do not multi-task if it’s a phone conversation. Give all speakers your undivided attention. Others’ thoughts are always inspiring.
  4. Rediscover StumbleUpon. One night of insomnia led me to sign up (again; I’m sure long ago I had an account) for StumbleUpon, the discovery engine that recommends websites based on interests you supply. Hours and numerous sites later I knew I’d found my go-to any time I’m stuck for inspiration. (Also, a wealth of recipes from food blogs are getting tagged and saved for later!)

What ways have you found of getting unstuck from a blogging rut?

Marijean Jaggers, a social media specialist and public relations professional, is president and CEO of Jaggers Communications LLC, a strategic communications firm based in Charlottesville, Va.