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How to Generate Sales Using Instagram Stories

By: Mackayla Paul | September 6, 2018 | 

How to Generate Sales Using Instagram StoriesInstagram Stories has more than 400 million daily active users.

So it‘s no surprise this new medium has quickly become a tool for businesses and brands to generate sales strategically.

The trick to making sure your brand can generate sales with Instagram Stories?

As with any content marketing strategy, you should prioritize value to your audience each time you create and share content.

How else will you keep people coming back for more?

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to keep your brand and offerings top-of-mind. The more you use them, the better.

Today, I’ll share different content strategies you can use to generate sales using Instagram Stories.

Let’s get right to it!


To strengthen the relationship your Instagram followers have with your brand, you can create and share behind-the-scenes content.

Now, I’m not suggesting sharing a photo of your morning cup of coffee as you rush into work.

Instead, think about ways to introduce yourself and your team to your Instagram audience.

Once a week someone on your team could ‘take over’ the Instagram Stories.

They can share a view into what goes into creating one of your incredible products.

On the other hand, you could have the company founder share their story and the inspiration behind your brand.

This stuff may seem boring and every day to you., but for customers who aren’t in the industry, it will be eye-opening and interesting.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality and fun to these behind-the-scenes snippets either—make use of Instagram Stories filters and stickers.


If you already have a group of Instagram influencers who endorse your products, why not ask them to host an Instagram Story Takeover?

This is where another Instagram user will share their content to your Instagram Stories throughout a day or even a week.

Usually, the person taking over your Instagram Story lets their audience know they’ll be doing this, so their followers and  viewers head over to your profile to watch.

With the addition of a brand ambassador showing how they use/wear/enjoy your products, your existing Instagram Story viewers gain inspiration.

And if you add the right call-to-action in your last Instagram Story of the day, you can help increase website visits and sales.

Working with influencers is a sure-fire way to generate sales with Instagram Stories.

User-generated Content

Do you have a ton of Facebook Reviews?

What about Zomato, Google Reviews, or any other review website listings?

Make use of those reviews and create branded graphics to share in your Instagram Stories so you aren’t the ones always talking yourself up!

Hearing from real customers is something more savvy consumers want from the brands they follow on social media.

If you have a brand hashtag on Instagram and have photos from customers featuring your products, it’s well worth asking them if you can share their content in your Instagram Stories.

Photos of real customers enjoying your products (particularly products in stock and ready to be sold!) will help generate sales authentically.

Exclusive Offer

Something every brand should think about is having an occasional exclusive offer for their Instagram Story viewers.

This is something you could work into your monthly content calendar. Or you could keep it in line with seasonal sales or offers.

To generate sales using Instagram Stories, have an occasional exclusive offer too good to pass up (something not shared to other platforms).

You’ll get your first sales from new followers and will encourage them to come back regularly.

If you aren’t sure what to choose as a good offer for your audience, test things out!

Try offering a discount or a gift with purchase. Or maybe a shipping upgrade, and see which one gets the most click-throughs and sales.

Swipe Up to Shop

Have you ever wondered how some brands have the option to ‘swipe up’ on their Instagram Stories allowing them to add a link to their website?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is if you have an Instagram Business profile you have access to the swipe up option. If you are a brand or business on Instagram, you have probably already set this up.

The second thing you need to get the swipe up option is 10,000+ Instagram followers.

Ouch, right?

If you are a few thousand away from reaching that goal, here are a couple of tips:

  1. On the last piece of content in your Instagram Story, draw an arrow to the top left-hand side of your phone screen. This is where your profile picture will display when someone views your story. Clicking on that takes them straight to your profile. It’s easy for them to click on your bio link, and go to your website.
  2. If you want to get really sales-focused, set up your Instagram bio link so people can easily shop your Instagram account. This could be a custom-built page on your website.  Many brands call this their ‘Insta Shop.’  Or you could use a tool like to create one.

Generate Sales with Instagram Stories

Now that you have some powerful strategies to generate sales using Instagram Stories, I’ll remind you to stay consistent with your content.

Ideally, you should aim to post five or more days per week. And your stories should include three or more pieces of ‘content’ if you want to tell a compelling story.

The easiest way to make sure you never forget to post to Instagram Stories is to use an app to schedule your content in advance.

You can also check your Instagram analytics, edit your content, and create an Instagram Stories strategy all within the one app.

Have fun and sell, sell, sell!

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