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The Avengers comes out in two weeks! You know what that means, right?

They are out doing all sorts of publicity stops and all of our favorite shows have them on right now.


Robert Downey, Jr., is everywhere!

I need a moment.

I don’t know if I should run all of the videos I have of him this week or if I should spread them out until opening day.

Let’s go with the latter. That means we can have three solid weeks of my boyfriend.

Three. Solid. Weeks.

The best part is that you all know me well enough that I’ve received lots of help with this week’s Gin and Topics.

Videos are courtesy of Mr. D.Ralph Cipolla, Kristen Daukas, and yours truly.

5. Anne Hathaway on Lip Sync Battle. There is something just perfect about Anne Hathaway lip syncing Miley Cyrus, complete with a wrecking ball. Just amazing.

4. Avengers Family Feud. I cannot believe it takes as long as it does to get the most popular answer to, “What do you do in a movie theater besides watch a movie?” Clearly these people never went to the movies as a teenager.

3. Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke. James Corden picks Jennifer Hudson for “work” and they have a little car karaoke. It’s great, but the best part starts at 1:57. I also really love the white man’s overbite when Corden is dancing in the car. Also, he’s not so good at “driving” the car.

2. The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer. This? Laugh out loud funny! “I learned my resting face is just a scowl and that I have an at-risk chin.” I think Amy Schumer is my new girl crush. Love.

1. Jimmy Fallon, Madonna & The Roots Sing “Holiday.”I wish I could make a kid’s xylophone sound this good! I love Madonna, no matter how much of a mess she is. She looks great. She sounds great. She is my childhood hero! And now here she is with Jimmy Fallon, one of the funniest men alive.

Before I wish you adieu, I would like to say that Mattie Dietrich did not make it in today’s Gin and Topics. But she is going to be here this weekend and if I do not mention her (and put her name in pink), I will have to hear about it until Sunday night.

Happy weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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