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My momma is here! My momma is here! My momma is here!

She and my favorite sister (yes, I know she’s my only sister) land 30 minutes after I hit publish on this very blog post.


And the weather is supposed to be glorious. No bitter winter Chicago experience for my family.

While we are out playing (Van Gogh is showing at the Art Institute!), I will leave you with this week’s Gin and Topics.

And, trust me, this is one you’re going to want to watch. A couple of these will make you cry from laughing.

Videos are courtesy of Eden Spodek, Mattie Dietrich, Dawn Buford, and yours truly.

5. Google Search Fail. Graham Norton interviews Robert Downey, Jr. (MY boyfriend!) so, of course, I have to include this. The pair do a Google search to see what pops up in autofill (why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?), but it gets even better when they Google “Does Robert” and, well, let’s just say he has some competition.

This is what happens when a celebrity Googles their name and it autofills responsesClick To Tweet

4. We Have to Help Kanye. Colbert explains that Kanye boycotted the Grammys for not winning Album of the Year, despite being nominated for the award. And then goes on to help him create a “plan” to raise $53MM to cover his debt (and it’s not on Twitter).

Colbert says the very best place for Kanye to ask Zuckerberg for money is TwitterClick To Tweet

3. 80-Year-Old Bus Driver Wins Grammy. And, for your feel-good video of the week, meet Mr. Joe. He is “just” a bus driver, but families in Tennessee who are on his route have just learned he is a Grammy winner. But it’s not the Grammy that is incredible. It’s the way the families have congratulated him.

Mr. Joe, an 80-year-old school bus driver, wins a GrammyClick To Tweet

2. Dick Van Dyke Cameo. It’s no secret I am in love with 90-year-old Dick Van Dyke. I mean, anyone who grew up watching Mary Poppins is likely in love with him. And this video will seal that love. Disney had a tribute last Sunday and he makes a cameo. Swoon! (Also: Derek Hough.)

The Disney tribute includes a cameo from one Bert of Mary PoppinsClick To Tweet

1. Adele and Ellen Epic Prank. If you haven’t seen this, please stop what you are doing and watch it. Now. If you don’t want to be BFFs with Adele after watching this, there is something wrong with you. I cannot believe she kept a straight face. I mean, when she asks for a large in a small cup? I died.

This is the best video you will watch all year. Ellen and Adele prank Jamba Juice.Click To Tweet

Have a great weekend!

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