Gin and TopicsWell, boys and girls, this is it! I’m taking some time off to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with Mr. D and to get some non-blog writing finished.

You will not have another Gin and Topics from me until April 26. I know it’ll be rough, but I’m leaving you in super capable hands.

Rebecca Todd is taking over for me. If you have videos you think should be included here (and get your name in lights!), you can send to her on Twitter or through a Facebook message.

You may end up liking her more than me. If that’s the case, don’t be shy in saying so. I’ll be happy to turn the reins over to her permanently.

Until then, I give you this week’s Gin and Topics. Videos are courtesy of Rosemary O’Neill, Bill Dorman, and yours truly.

5. Dance Cam at Pistons Game. I’d go ahead and skip to 1:17. That’s where the gold begins and the rest of it isn’t necessary. This guy has some serious moves. I don’t know how you move your hips like that. He must be triple-jointed.

4. Best Laugh Ever. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you have no heart. This little girl is supposed to be walking her dog, but instead finds it so strange, she can’t stop laughing.

3. The Chickeneers. I love me some Jimmy Fallon. In this video, The Chickeneers cluck a remake of Ho Hey from The Lumineers. I dare you not to cluck along.

2. Beat-Keeping Sea Lion. This is super cool! This seal has been trained to dance to different beats. It’s kind of a science geeky video because they talk about how they trained the mammal, but it’s really interesting to see how the moves change with different songs.

1. Home Made Firework. This is such a great video, I had to send it to Yvette Pistorio and swear her to secrecy so it wouldn’t be shared ahead of Gin and Topics. But I needed someone to watch it with me! Then I sent it to my mom and called her so I could experience her reaction while she watched it. I’m telling you, best video of the week right here.

Have a great two weeks! I’ll see you back here the week of the 22nd.

Gini Dietrich

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