It’s the end of April. How did this happen?

I feel like we were just here talking about kicking butt and taking names this year and we’re already a third of the way through it.

Today also marks the day of Mark Schaefer’s Social Slam in Knoxville. By the time you read this, I will have already kicked the day off with the very first keynote about Marketing in the Round.

And, because it’s really early in the morning right now and I’d like to rehearse one more time before I go on stage, I give you Gin and Topics.

5. Slow Jam the News with Barack Obama. On Wednesday morning, our local radio station did the news via slow jam, in response to Obama doing the same with Jimmy Fallon. If you missed his slow jam, it’s a must watch. Thanks to Ken Mueller for making sure it was included here. Very, very funny!

4. Batman Wish Comes True. This is going to make you cry. A seven-year-old has leukemia and, through Wish With Wings, asks for a Batman adventure. And boy did he get one! Bank robbers, bombs, and a key to the city. Thanks to Maranda Gibson for forwarding…this happened in her hometown.

3. The Guords Sing Gin & Juice. I think I found the Gin and Topics theme song! Well, Jason Konopinski found it. It’s a Muppet cover and it’s awsome!

2. Dancing Ping Pong Player. Good Morning American has a new series where the hosts choose their favorite videos of the week and they vote on the best one. The winner this week is of a guy who wins a ping pong game and dances to his victory. It’s pretty amusing.

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1. Otter Pups Swim Lesson. I did not know this! Otters have to be taught how to swim. This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Deb Dobson for forwarding.

Don’t forget…if you find a news story or video you think would be a good fit here, let me know!

Gini Dietrich

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