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(Yes, I am yelling! It’s urgent!)

Actually, if you really think about it, because Christmas is on Friday, you really only have one Friday left.

Better get to it!

(I’m telling myself this as much as I am you.)

If you follow me on Facebook, did you see the crap weather we are having?

It’s going to be 60 degrees this weekend. Sixty. Degrees. In December.

I am so unhappy. I want my below zero temperatures and snow. What gives?!

To recap: The weather sucks and we’re running out of time to get ready for Christmas. Happy, happy, joy, joy! What a downer I am today. Jeez.

The good news is the videos in Gin and Topics today are H-I-larious!

They are courtesy of Abbie Fink, Deb Dobson, Bob LeDrew, Kelly Dietrich, and yours truly.

5. The Latke Recipe. YAY! We no longer have to rely solely on Adam Sandler for our Hanukkah song. This is fantastic, lots of fun, and the song will stick in your head. #earworm

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4. Sisters: The Farce Awakens. Let’s just go ahead and admit there is going to be a lot of Star Wars for the next few weeks (we already have our tickets—December 21!). Though there are plenty of parodies, nothing compares to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler doing one.

The Farce Awakens is the best Star Wars parody yet!Click To Tweet

3. Welcome to Canada! I was told if this video didn’t make Gin and Topics, Bob LeDrew and I could no longer be friends. I wanted to leave it out, to be funny and get a reaction, but it’s pretty darn good. Here are Canadian children welcoming Syrian refugees.

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2. Alton Brown Reviews Kitchen Gadgets. OK. Two things about this video. First, I totally disagree on the brownie edge pan. EVERYONE needs a brownie edge pan. That’s the best part of the brownie. Secondly, this video is totally worth watching for the Rollie egg thing.

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1. Carrie Fisher Dishes on GMA. This interview with Carrie Fisher was billed as one of the most hilarious…and I definitely agree! There are so many great quotes in this six minute clip. As a friend of mine said, “People will be quoting this interview for years to come.” Sit back and enjoy!

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Happy shopping!

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