Well, my team leaves today and I am sad. The awesome thing about having a virtual company is we’re so excited to get together because we never see one another.

And it’s been super fun to watch Lindsay Bell see Chicago for the first time, both in person and via Facebook. She even got a photo of Wrigley Field and the Christmas tree.

But now I’m sad everyone is going home.

We’ve had a lot of fun, though, and gotten tons of work accomplished s I can’t complain one bit.

And now it’s time to buckle down and get ready for Christmas!

While we finish our 2013 planning meeting today, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics.

5. Best DUI Ever. Speaking of Lindsay, she and I had a good laugh at this one earlier this week. Even though it’s a few years old, it’s definitely worth watching again. I am still amazed the guy can say the alphabet backwards. Heck, he sang most of it. Amazing.

4. Girl Wants a Day Off School. Rebecca Todd sent me this recording a an eight-year-old girl who calls a demolition company to ask them to demolish (“will it be a bang or a wallop”) her school (with the teachers inside because they give homework on Fridays). I love it when she asks to speak with the top boss because the woman who answered the phone couldn’t help her.

3. All I Want for Christmas. Jason Konopinski threatened me if I didn’t include this one so, um, here you go. Mariah Carey is on the Jimmy Fallon show and she sings her popular Christmas song, with the help from Fallon, the Roots, some kids, and a bunch of toy musical instruments. I especially like the toy xylophone.

2. Seventh Grader’s Act of Compassion. This made my cry. I sobbed like a little girl. A young man has cerebral palsy and wants to wrestle. This video is what happens when a young man from the opposing team gets on the mat. You’ll cry. It’s Ken Mueller’s fault. Blame him.

1. Look at this Instagram. I definitely saved the best for last today. Rusty Speidel sent it to me and then Anne Reuss did. And it’s so good, I watched it both times. And another two times. It’s a parody of the pictures people take and post on Instagram (feet, fingernails, city lights, cats) sung to a Nickelback song. It’s very, very funny. You might even start singing along.

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