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Gin and Topics: Bad Lip Reading of a White House Press Briefing

By: Gini Dietrich | August 31, 2018 | 

Gin and TopicsTODAY IS THE DAY!

The second season of Ozark is here!

Some girlfriends and I seriously considered starting to watch at 3:30 a.m. EST.

We all have babies/small children and aging dogs who have us up at that time anyway.

May as well put together a watch group.

So now you know…iff you need me and I’m non-responsive, it’s because my eyes have stopped blinking while I start at my iPad for hours on end.

Thank heaven it’s a long weekend. Binge, here I come!

While I do that (and I venture to guess some of you do, too), I leave you with this week’s Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

Videos are courtesy of Christopher S. Penn and yours truly.

5. Longest Continuous Drive on Earth. While not a funny video, this is fascinating! It’s nearly five minutes of exploring the longest continuous drive you can make in the world—with explanations on why logical thinking is wrong. Fascinating, I tell ya!

4. Bad Lip Reading—White House Press Briefing. Man, the people who do Bad Lip Readings are good! This is one of those things I’d thought of first. And, really, doing it to a White House Press Briefing is brilliant. “I’m dangerous and sensitive and I make nachos.” It’s funny!

3. Kids Try Their Parents’ Favorite Childhood Foods. I have to say, some of these kind of made me go, “Really?” So I can’t blame the reactions of some of these kids.

2. #WhyImSingle. Jimmy Fallon reads tweets from people who use the hashtag, #WhyImSingle. I kind of think the guy who uses his hoodie as a popcorn bowl could fix that if he really wanted to no longer be single. Although, it’s pretty brilliant. And I’m married so I’m totally going to do it!

1. Neil Patrick Harris Talks to Kids About Embarrassing Moments. When these kids realize who NPH is is great! And the little girl who logically explains why the world can’t be run by kids is stinking adorable. There are dad jokes and more.

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