Gin and TopicsPhew! What a day yesterday!

Our site, like many others that use (and pay for, might I add) Social Warfare got hacked.

Spin Sucks was down for the majority of the day and I had a really good blog post running (if I do say so myself).

Not only that, but Kara Vanskike penned a piece on how tough it is to work and raise young kids and run a household.

And you missed it all!

But nothing is as stressful as leaving a great meeting with a favorite client at the end of the day to find there hasn’t yet been a solution…and not getting to enjoy that glass of wine you were planning on having.

I’m very selfish!

Ha! In all seriousness, lots of you emailed, texted, and private messaged to let us know something was wrong and you had been redirected to, shall we say, unsavory content.

It’s times like this that shows the true value of community.

Thank you!

As your reward, the site is back up (or maybe that’s my reward?!) and Gin and Topics is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Whitney Danhauer, Katie Robbert, and yours truly.

5. Stranger Things Trailer. Season three will be here in three months! I repeat! Season three will be here in three months! That’s the Fourth of July, for those of you counting down. In the meantime, they’ve released the trailer. You’re welcome.

4. Gilmore Girls Theme Song Used Anywhere. Netflix is on fire right now. Here they have the Gilmore Girls theme song used in some of their other shows…and it’s amazing.


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The Gilmore Girls theme song can be used anywhere, anytime, and you’ll never be disappointed.

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3. Julia Roberts Acts Out Her Film Career with James Corden. I love it when she breaks character during Steel Magnolias and starts to laugh at him. Also, I cannot imagine how much planning goes into something like this for the production team. Phew!

2. Puppies Meet Their Mom On Their First Birthday. Because…puppies! Look at those little fur balls. This is a really long video and I’ll admit I fast forwarded to the part where they meet their mom. Maybe you’ll have more patience than I do and can tell me if I missed anything important.

1. Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Best Man Who Fainted in Viral Wedding Video. There is so much happening in this video, I don’t know where to start. First off, WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING with this #solomoon trend? This cannot be a real thing. I just cannot with some people. Really. Second of all, if you haven’t seen the video of the best man fainting at a wedding, please. Watch this. It is…well…it’s something. They even show a photo of the damage. W-O-W.

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Have a great weekend!

I will be on spring break next week so I shall see you in two weeks!

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