Gin and TopicsI hope everyone in the U.S. had a happy holiday!

It being on a Wednesday this year was rough.

I’m happy it’s over so we can move on to a four-day weekend next year.

Our resident Kiwi, Lou Draper, wished us a happy holiday and said:

Did you have fireworks and grill things in your yard and drink Dr. Pepper and Bud Light? (How am I doing? Will I pass Americano 101?)

I think she definitely would pass, don’t you?

As you begin to recover from your holiday, we have some fun in Gin and Topics for you.

This is a really good episode (which I can say because I had help pulling it together) and it’s all safe for work and children.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

This week’s videos are courtesy of Paula Kiger, Susan Cellura, Mike Connell, and yours truly.

5. The Broccoli Song. Um. So. This song is really about broccoli. What fascinates me is not that a group of adults thought it’d be fun to write, sing, and dance to a broccoli song, but that they thought it was a good idea to do at all. I hate to admit it’s pretty darn catchy. I may have to show it at dinnertime tonight. (Although, I refuse to have broccoli in my house. Can’t stand it. Hate the smell of it. Gross.)

4. Different Types of Drunk People. As told by animals. We ALL have friends who fit these descriptions. My husband is definitely the golden retriever (the happy drunk). He also could be parts of the sentimental drunk donkey, but he has to be REALLy drunk for that to come out. Then he loves everyone. He loves you and you and you and you and me!

3. Dad Sings for Daughter. Oh, man! I almost miss mine small one being this age. They LOVE everything you do, aren’t naughty yet, and aren’t embarrassed when you sing and dance for them. This is to die for. (They also don’t sleep, can’t feed themselves, aren’t sarcastic yet, and can’t tell you horrible knock knock jokes.)

2. The Avengers Read Mean Tweets. I missed this clip when the movie came out, but no matter! It’s still funny now. It also makes me a little disheartened at people. What is the point in tweeting such horrible things about another human being? Jeez.

1. Classroom Instruments with the Backstreet Boys. This is going to make your entire day. Maybe even your entire week. Or month. Or year. I’m so happy to be in charge of Gin and Topics so I can make everyone watch it. It just makes me happy.

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Have a great weekend!

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